Efficient and sustainable? Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS)

Nakoa.Digital – Efficient and sustainable? Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS)

With Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, Zalando has been offering an efficient logistics solution for all brands in the Zalando partner program since 2017. If partners opt for this solution, they benefit from simple storage, fast shipping and uncomplicated returns management. Goods are sent to Zalando and the logistics processes are handled by the online retailer. By handling the sale in a box, this not only saves costs, but also contributes to environmental protection. Read on now to find out in detail what Fulfillment Solutions are all about and how you can use them. You can find out more about Zalando’s Fulfillment Solutions in the following article.

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Zalando’s logistics network

Zalando is one of the leading marketplaces for fashion and lifestyle in Europe. Since its founding in 2008, the company has developed a unique sales concept and has grown to become one of Europe’s largest online retailers. In doing so, Zalando attaches great importance to a strong logistics network that ensures fast and reliable delivery and thus increases customer satisfaction.
Since 2017, Zalando has also offered partners an attractive and sustainable logistics solution. This solution was introduced under the name “Zalando Fulfillment Solutions”, or ZFS for short.

What are the Zalando Fulfillment Solutions?

The logistics solution introduced makes it easier for sellers to sell in Europe and to internationalize their shipping processes. The goal of ZFS is to reduce logistics costs, increase customer satisfaction and protect the environment.
By using Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, partners gain access to Zalando’s logistics and distribution network and can handle their shipping processes directly through Zalando. This also creates benefits for shoppers, as the ordering process as well as shipping and returns are handled uniformly and quickly for all customers via Zalando.

How does shipping via ZSF work?

To run warehouse and logistics processes via ZFS, sales partners send their selected sale items to the online marketplace’s warehouses. From there, the products are sold to the customer via Zalando. From this moment on, the partner puts its complex logistics processes in the hands of Zalando, saving both time and money. Warehouse, sales and returns management are handled entirely by Zalando.
But Zalando has also come up with something for the environment and the customer. The “One Box Solution.” With this process, customers can buy different items and brands from the Zalando range and get all the items in a box delivered to their home the very next day. Consolidating orders is convenient for customers and good for the environment.

The advantages of the Zalando Fulfillment Solution

ZFS creates many benefits – not only for the partner, but also for the buyer, Zalando and the environment. First of all, the partner benefits from lower fulfillment costs, more storage space and a reduced effort in shipping their products. In addition, Zalando enables fast and easy internationalization in Europe and Switzerland through a large number of warehouses in Europe.
The “One Box Solution” is also a good way for partners to save costs, as they only pay their share of the shipping costs of the mixed box. With this solution, customers benefit from a larger assortment selection and receive all products conveniently and quickly in one go. In this way, Zalando reduces the number of parcels sent and effectively cuts emissions.
Another plus point of ZFS is the ability to send not only from German warehouses, but also from Poland, Italy, France and Sweden. If a customer from Italy sends a package back, it does not go back to Germany, but stays in the warehouse in Italy. From there, the items quickly go back online for sale and are shipped on. This is not only efficient and fast, but also environmentally friendly.


Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) offers very comprehensive logistics solutions for partners and customers. As a partner, you benefit from fast shipping, uncomplicated returns and higher sales potential thanks to Zalando’s know-how and logistics network. Overall, Zalando Fulfillment Solutions are a great way to simplify logistics processes while reducing environmental impact.
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