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As one of the leading online marketplaces in Germany, Otto Market is one of the market leaders in Germany with over 11 million customers.

This results in the following advantages for traders when marketing and selling on the Otto Marketplace:

  • Broad reach and diverse customer base: Otto records a large and diverse customer base with over 11 million customers. By listing products on Otto, companies gain access to a broad target group, which increases their visibility and appeals to potential customers.
  • Established brand image: Over the years, Otto has built up a strong reputation for high-quality products and excellent customer service. The association with Otto lends credibility to companies and promotes trust among potential buyers.
  • Advanced marketing and analytics tools: Otto provides sellers with advanced marketing tools and analytics. In the partner portal you can view your sales and KPI`s. This allows companies to adjust their marketing strategies, track sales performance and gain insights into customer behaviour. This allows informed decisions to be made and campaigns to be optimised effectively.
  • Fair fee arrangement: Otto offers its dealers a fair fee arrangement with a monthly basic fee of only 39.90 โ‚ฌ plus a product group-specific commission of between 7-18%.

In summary, Otto is one of the leading marketplaces in Germany, offering businesses a broad customer base, a respected brand image, advanced marketing features and a fair fee structure. Otto is a straightforward and accessible online marketplace that offers you reach and an established brand image. We support you in creating & implementing your sales strategy on Our Otto Market customer case also shows what really matters in order to start successfully on Would you like to learn more?

Simply arrange a non-binding consultation and ask us your questions about the Otto Marketplace! We will explain to you what really matters when marketing and selling on Otto.

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Step 1

Strategy on Otto

For successful sales on, there are different strategies that you can use depending on the positioning of your brand. This can also differ regionally or depending on the product.

  • Brand awareness: Active campaigns that create more awareness for the brand.
  • Brand protection: In contrast to brand awareness, this takes into account the protection of the position already established (e.g. by retailers). This is often the strategy in the country from which a brand originates.
  • Profitable sales: with a brand that already has a high brand awareness in a country, this strategy tries to get the most out of your brand.
  • Product/brand launch or internationalization: Do you want to launch a new brand and/or new products on marketplaces or use marketplaces primarily as an internationalization channel?

Additionally, before you can sell on you have to decide between the wholesale or seller model. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and have to be chosen on a case-by-case basis. We support you in finding your strategy and in negotiations with

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Step 2 Setup & Integration

Selling on does not necessarily require an additional integrator.
However, this can be advantageous for centralized product, price and returns management. Check out our overview of our Otto fulfillment & integration partners.

You want to start selling on

To sell on, you should check a number of requirements in advance.

For selling on you have to…

  • … have a company in Germany with a German legal form and tax ID.
  • … present yourself as a retailer to end customers.
  • … offer a German-speaking customer service.
  • … ship from a German warehouse.
  • … offer products with a VAT rate of 19%.
  • … use one of the following shipping service providers for parcel delivery: DHL, GLS or Hermes
  • … be able to provide a tracking number when sending the parcel delivery

We are happy to support you with the integration, product listing and feed optimization.


Step 3

Logistics & Operations in Otto Market

In order to sell successfully on, there are also some operational points to consider:

  • Choose a suitable fulfillment solution that can also meet the requirements of
  • Monitor your inventory regularly to avoid bottlenecks or overstocks and to optimize storage costs.
  • Ensure proper packaging of your products to minimize damage in transit and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Define a clear returns policy and make sure you handle returns efficiently to avoid negative reviews.
  • Ensure competitive pricing and monitor your competitors’ prices to respond appropriately.
  • Adhere to guidelines and best practices to ensure you meet all requirements and avoid problems.
  • Provide excellent customer service to build customer loyalty and receive positive reviews.

We are happy to support you with all operational processes and the selection of the appropriate fulfillment solution.


Step 4

SEO & Content on Otto

On, there are a multitude of possibilities to put your brand and products in the limelight with SEO content and to increase your visibility:

  • Basic Content
  • Rich Content
  • Brand Shop

In order for users to find your products on, SEO texts must be created according to the SEO best practices for This includes titles, bullet points and the product description. As is generally the case in online marketing, duplicate content should also be avoided on the Otto marketplace. Your content optimisations should always include “unique content” and be measurable according to the general SEO criteria.

In the Otto Partner Connect Portal, you can offer added value with rich content by effectively using content marketing in the product description. With rich content, the attractiveness of your products can be increased and buying doubts can be avoided through good product advice.

The “rich content” that Otto offers retailers for product descriptions refers to the ability to present product information in a diverse and engaging way. This goes beyond simple text descriptions and allows retailers to add rich visual and multimedia elements to their product presentations. This feature offers several advantages and possibilities:

Functions of the Rich Content:

Images and videos: Retailers can include high-quality images and videos of their products to give potential customers a more realistic idea of the product. Images and videos can show different views, details and areas of application.
Product specifications: Rich content can be used to highlight detailed product specifications, features and characteristics. This enables customers to make informed purchasing decisions.
Interactive elements: Retailers can integrate interactive elements such as 360-degree views, zoom features and interactive hotspots to provide customers with an immersive experience and explore products in more detail.
Storytelling: With rich content, retailers can share stories and background information about their products. This can strengthen customer loyalty and promote an emotional connection to the products.

Advantages of rich content:

  • Better product presentation: Rich content enables an appealing and informative presentation of the products, which attracts customers’ attention and increases interest in the products.
  • Higher conversion rate: The detailed information and visual elements allow customers to better understand what they are buying, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.
  • Customer loyalty: The ability to share stories and background information can increase customer loyalty as customers can identify more strongly with the brands and products.
  • Reduced return rate: As customers get an accurate picture of the product through rich content, the likelihood of unexpected disappointment after purchase is reduced, which in turn can reduce the return rate.
  • Differentiation from competitors: Merchants using Rich Content can differentiate themselves from competitors by offering a high-quality and informative presentation of their products.

Overall, Rich Content at Otto allows retailers to present products in an engaging and informative way, which can lead to an
increase in conversion rates, higher customer loyalty and a more positive shopping experience overall.

We support you in creating and optimising your product pages to achieve maximum visibility for your products.


Step 5

Otto Marketing

In order to sell successfully on, you need a tailored strategy that is supported by the appropriate marketing measures on We create Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display or DOOH campaigns. Campaign, bid and budget management are complex and require daily review and adjustment. Invest your marketing budget in a targeted way.

Increase your revenue with an optimized funnel and retail media strategy:

  • DOOH, Offsite Display Ads: Present your brand in new places and reach your target groups on and beyond.
  • Sponsored Display Ads: Promote your product for remarketing, more brand awareness and upselling.
  • Brand Shop: Present your brand on with videos and stories.
  • Sponsored Product Ads: Promote selected products to generate more sales.

We are happy to help you scale your business on with the right retail media strategy!


Conclusion Retail Readiness

Are you really “Retail Ready”?

A large number of individual factors influence your success on We show you which points you need to pay particular attention to and how you can get your products “Retail Ready”:

  • Product title
  • Product images
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Bullet points
  • Inventory
  • Product description
  • Rich Content

We are happy to support you in making your products “retail ready” for

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