Marketing & Sales on is a Dutch online marketplace selling a wide range of products. Originally started as an online bookstore, has developed over the years into one of the largest generic marketplaces in the Netherlands. This means that there is a wide variety of product categories through which approximately 41 million products are sold. In the Netherlands, Bol has a high level of trust among consumers: More than 80% of consumers start their product search on this online marketplace. And you can get in on the action and sell your products on

This results in the following potentials for traders when marketing and selling on Bol:

  • High reach: As the largest online marketplace in the Netherlands, more than 8 million customers visit every day
  • Marketplace analysis: Bol offers its merchants insights into the optimisation of the product range by means of “White & Grey Spots”. Products that are not available but that customers have searched for are marked with “White Spots”. Products with a “grey spot” are available on the marketplace but do not fulfil the customer’s wishes (e.g. too long delivery times).
  • Logistics: Similar to Amazon, also has a fulfilment programme. Here, the goods are shipped to a Bol logistics warehouse, from where the products are sent directly to the customers after the order is received.
  • Fair fees: There are no dealer fees at There is only a low, fixed sales fee plus a sales commission, which ranges from 4-14% depending on the category.

Do you also want to sell your products in the Netherlands? Then we can really recommend the marketplace. We support you with the strategy, the setup and the integration into your existing shop system and guide you through the product listings and marketing at Bol. Leave your marketplace sales in our experienced hands. Take a look at our tips for selling on Bol!

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Step 1

Strategy on

To sell successfully on, a well thought-out strategy is crucial. Here are four important steps that can help you:

  • Product selection: Start by selecting the right products to sell on Research the market and identify trends to select products that have a demand.
  • Pricing and competitive analysis: Make sure your pricing is competitive. Conduct regular analyses of your competitors’ prices and adjust your prices accordingly to stay competitive.
  • Customer service and reviews: Provide excellent customer service to gain the trust of buyers. Respond quickly to enquiries and problems, and ask your customers for reviews. Positive reviews can boost your reputation on and attract new customers.
  • Marketing and advertising: Take advantage of the marketing and advertising opportunities that offers. This can include paid advertising on the platform, targeted promotions or using social media to promote your products.

Overall, success on requires careful planning and continuous adjustment of strategy. Stay abreast of changing market trends and customer needs to achieve long-term success in this online marketplace. We support you in finding your strategy on

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Step 2 Setup & Integration

Selling on does not necessarily require an additional integrator. Nevertheless, this can be advantageous for centralised product, price and returns management.

Here you can find the complete overview of our fulfilment & integration partners.

You want to start selling on

To sell on, you should check a number of requirements in advance.

To sell on you must…

…. from the Netherlands.
… usually have a registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
… have EAN codes.
… have your products in stock. Dropshipping is not possible.
… can deliver within 8 days, but delivery within 24 hours is recommended.
… offer a free pick-up service
… have a Dutch customer service

We are happy to support you with the connection, product listing and feed optimisation.


Step 3

Logistik & Operations on

Logistics and operations on play a crucial role for traders who want to sell their products on this popular e-commerce platform. Efficient logistics is the key to satisfying customers and building long-term business relationships. Below we highlight the most important aspects of logistics and operations on for traders.

  • Shipping options: offers merchants a variety of shipping options, including Fulfillment and Self-Shipping. Merchants can choose which option best suits their needs. Fulfillment allows products to be stored in the logistics centre, which enables fast delivery and higher visibility on the platform.
  • Stock management: Efficient stock management is crucial. Traders can easily manage their stock levels on and receive notifications when it is time to order supplies. This minimises the risk of stock shortages and dissatisfied customers.
  • Returns management: also offers a returns policy to help traders manage returns. This is important to gain customer trust and improve customer service.

Overall, logistics and operations on play a central role in increasing retailers’ success on the platform. By making smart decisions about shipping, inventory management and returns management, retailers can increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We are happy to support you with all operational processes and the selection of the appropriate fulfilment solution.


Step 4

SEO & Content on

The importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) and content on cannot be underestimated. To be successful on this e-commerce platform, it is essential to increase product visibility and provide quality content. In the following, the crucial aspects of SEO & Content on for traders are highlighted.

  • Product descriptions: Careful design of product descriptions is of utmost importance. These should not only be informative, but also contain relevant keywords to improve findability in search results.
  • Product images and videos: Images and videos are key visual stimuli for potential buyers. They should be of high quality and represent the product in the best possible way. An optimal image caption and description improves the ranking in search results.
  • Keywords and search terms: Choosing the right keywords and search terms is a central part of the SEO strategy on Traders should identify relevant terms and cleverly include them in their product pages and descriptions.
  • Customer reviews and feedback: Customer reviews and feedback not only help build trust, but can also influence SEO ranking. Products with positive reviews are often ranked higher.

Optimising SEO & Content on is a continuous process that pays off in the long run. Traders who focus on integrating high-quality product descriptions, appealing images and videos, relevant keywords and positive customer reviews have a better chance of presenting their products to a wider audience and increasing their sales.

We support you in the creation and optimisation of search engine optimised content for the Dutch online marketplace Bol.


Step 5 Marketing

Marketing on is crucial to increase the visibility of traders on this e-commerce platform and to attract potential customers. Invest your marketing budget wisely – we’ll be happy to do it for you.

  • Sponsored Products: offers merchants the opportunity to use Sponsored Products. These are paid ads that appear in search results and on product pages. Traders can select relevant keywords to target customers.
  • Offer promotions: Traders can create limited-time offer promotions to attract customers’ attention. These special offers are highlighted on the home page and in the offers on
  • Customer reviews and feedback: Positive customer reviews and feedback are an effective marketing tool on They create trust among potential buyers and can influence the purchase decision.
  • Social media and influencers: Traders can also use social media to promote their products on Collaborating with influencers who showcase their products can significantly increase reach. marketing offers a wealth of opportunities for retailers to promote their products and brands. From paid ads to creative offers and the use of social media, the platform provides tools to target customers and increase sales. We work with you to develop a marketing strategy tailored to your target audience to succeed on and compete in this competitive e-commerce market.


Summary Retail Readiness

Are you really “Retail Ready”?

A multitude of individual factors influence your success on We show you which points you have to pay particular attention to and how you can get your products “Retail Ready”:

  • Product title
  • Product images
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Bullet points
  • Inventory
  • Product description

We are happy to support you in making your products “Retail Ready” for


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