We help you to design and implement your Amazon  strategy.

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Amazon Intelligence

Knowing which products and categories have demand is crucial for your success. Our Amazon Intelligence reports show you which products to sell at which price point. We show which competitors are successful and how you can beat them.

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Amazon SEO

If you want potential clients to find your products, you need to implement Amazon SEO Best Practices. Titel, Bullet Points and content need to be optimized. We help you to create and optimize content and achieve higher positions in the Amazon’s search results.

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Vendor vs.
Seller Strategy

Before you start selling on Amazon, you must choose between the Vendor and Seller model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the model wisely. We help you to develop a strategy and support in negotiations with Amazon.

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Amazon Marketing

In order to sell successfully on Amazon, you need both a great strategy and use the Amazon marketing tools to the fullest. We use Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display campaigns to maximize your sales. Managing campaigns, bids and budgets is complex and requires daily actions and management. Invest your adspend carefully.

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Amazon Logistics

Many Amazon customers are subscribed to Prime, which means free next day delivery. If you want to sell successfully, you need to ship your products very quickly. You can do this by using FBA or find a good logistics partner. We help you to make the right decision.

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Patrick is our head of Head of Retail Media. With many years of experience in selling on marketplaces for both large enterprises and start-ups, Patrick is your partner. Send him an e-mail or give him a call at +49 89 628 291 21.