A picture says more than 1000 words. Imagine what a video can do. We help you to define and execute a video strategy.

This is what we do.

YouTube Video

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users. Even with small budgets you can reach thousands of potential customers. For each advertising goal, we create and manage campaigns for Trueview videos, Bumper Ads, and Outstream videos.
YouTube is known for its impact and branding effect and can drive measureable footfall (Store Visits) at a much lower price than traditional TV ads

Do you want to reach your customer in a more cost-efficient way than traditional TV ads?

Programmatic Video

Using the Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick) we buy inventory for your ads to reach the right customer at the right time. Using Display & Video 360 and integrating it with Google Analytics we can see the true post-view impact.

Do you want to start advertising online with video?


Storytelling is a great way to get customers to be interested in your products when they still don’t know they need to buy your product. Using video sequencing, we define the order of videos that need to be shown to customers.

Do you want to start storytelling with video?

Facebook / Instagram
Video Werbung

Facebook and Instagram are switching their focus to video. Using video ads, video carousels and stories there are many ways and formats to reach your customer.

Want to reach your customers on social media with video?

Replace TV ads with online video

Do you want to replace your expensive TV ads with YouTube or online video ads?

Discover how we can help you advertise in a more efficient way.

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