We provide you with SEO measures to maximise your website’s performance.

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SEO Audits

Mediocre content as well as technical issues can have a negative impact on your website. With our deep-dive SEO audits you will know which pain points there are on your website and how to fix them. Ensure your website’s SERP dominance by optimizing its overall performance.

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(Re)Launch Consulting

We provide you with valuable knowhow when (re)launching your website. Communication with your development team as well as overall consulting every step of the way are a must for any successful (re)launch.

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If you want to maximise the chance of potential clients buying your products, you need to implement Amazon SEO. Title, Bullet Points and content need to be optimized. We help you to produce and optimize content as thereby achieve higher positions in the Amazon’s search results. ​

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SEO Strategies
& Concepts

In order to succeed with your website long-term, a strategic approach to SEO is mandatory. We create a SEO strategy and content concept to ensure the success of your website in the Google search result pages.

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Other SEO

We support with many other SEO topics.

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Robin is founder and CEO of Nakoa Digital. With over 15 years experience in international e-commerce is he your point of contact for digital marketing. Contact him directly at +31 70 217 0164 or fill out the contact form.

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