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Programmatic Campaign Management

We set up programmatic display and video campaigns. We negotiate prices, set-up campaigns and support you with creatives to get your message heard by the customer.

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Tracking Optimization

Accurate tracking is very important. We track all impressions, regardless of the advertising platform to use one single source of truth. We also implement better tracking on the website to measure all on-site engagement. Using the Google Marketing Platform (Display & Video 360) and integrating the data with Google Analytics we help you to measure the true impact of display campaigns.

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Display the right products to potential customers that didn’t buy or abandoned the shopping cart and inspire customers with complementary products and increase revenue by cross-selling.

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Dynamically change content of your display ads based on target groups, time of day, weather and interest. Personalized and relevant ads increase engagement and transactions.

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Google Marketing

We’re using the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) for the creation and management of campaigns.

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Robin is founder and CEO of Nakoa Digital. With over 15 years experience in international e-commerce is he your point of contact for digital marketing. Contact him directly at +31 70 217 0164 or fill out the contact form.

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