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Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a very visually oriented social media platform with a large female user base. Its female audience, characteristic behaviour and visual power are great for inspiring customers. We help you to define the right target groups, goals and set-up campaigns for you.

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Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins is an ad format specifically for Pinterest. You can create and advertise new pins or promote previously added pins.

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Promoted App Pins

Pinterest is slowly starting to roll-out advertising features in Europe. One of the new features is Promoted App Pins to advertise your app.

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Promoted Caroussel-Pins

Carousel ads is one of the most popular ad formats. Within Pinterest you can now also use this as an ad format.

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Promoted Video-Pins

Recently, Pinterest introduced Promoted Video Pins. Video is a great way to use among all Pins as it really stands out.

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