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TikTok has not been a newcomer to social networks for a long time. According to Statista, in January 2022 the platform already had 1 million active monthly users. In Germany, TikTok is the fourth most used social network after YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The increasing number of users in the target groups from 18 to 35 years reflect a very ready-to-buy and trend-oriented target group. So it is absolutely right to advertise on this platform as well. Are you still missing the right strategy? Then you are exactly right here!


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Useful facts and figures about TikTok

Of course, it’s important to first find out what kind of audience is on TikTok. Statista provides useful information on this:
As of January 2022, 57% of global TikTok users were female and 43% male. More than 40% of users are in the 18-24 age group. The proportion of users between the ages of 18 and 29 is therefore higher than on other social platforms.

It was also found that TikTok users interact more with companies than users of other social networks. One fact that stands out on TikTok is that 26% of users surveyed said they had already purchased a product because an influencer or celebrity promoted it. In the general average of social networks, this value is only 18%. It is not without reason that the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit exists, to which users post countless videos of products that they have previously seen on TikTok.

Steps of strategy finding on Instagram

If you follow the steps below, your TikTok Ads strategy will surely be a success!

  1. Define your goals for TikTok Ads campaigns
  2. Find the right target group
  3. Create the right content
  4. Analyze the results

Define your goals for TikTok Ads

At the beginning of every strategy development there should be a goal definition. This is the only way you can later tailor your ads perfectly to your audience. Would you rather increase your brand awareness or do you want to get more sales? Do you want to increase your website views or do you want to improve your brand image? Questions like these are especially important when it comes to which texts and videos you want to create.

Find your target audience on TikTok

Of course, you should only display your ads to relevant people. This saves costs and also increases the success rate of your ads.
As previously written, TikTok is mainly used by teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, the platform only publishes its user data for users aged 18 and over, but the app is already approved for ages 13 and over. So if you mainly have these people in your target group, then your chances are good that TikTok advertising is worthwhile for your company.

Create content for your TikTok advertising

There are different types of TikTok ads, some of which can only be used if you also have a contact person there.
The following advertisements are accessible for each business account:

  • Image Ads (Only in TikToks News Feed Apps)
  • Video ads (played out on the “For You” page)
  • Spark ads (can be used to promote organic content from your own account or from other users)
  • Pangle ads (displayed on Audience Network)
  • Carousel ads (displayed only in the News Feed apps, you can add up to 10 images in one ad)

Ad types that are only available to businesses with a TikTok contact include the following:

  • TopView ads (shown to users when they open the app)
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge (used to increase user engagement; a campaign lasting 3-6 days)
  • Branded effects (stickers, filters and special effects branded with your business)

If you still need creative inspiration, TikTok offers the Business Creative Hub , which shows you the latest trends.

Analyze your TikTok advertising campaigns

After your campaign expires, it’s important to analyze it. This is the only way you can find out for the future what type of advertising is profitable and what may not have worked quite so well. Of course, you can also try out what your target group likes with organic posts and thus save costs.


If you want to create a successful TikTok Ads strategy, the first step should always be goal definition. You can then create targeted ad videos and formulate texts so that you can reach your intended target group perfectly. The evaluation after the end of the campaign is also very important, so that you can learn from mistakes and repeat well-running campaigns.
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