Successful on marketplaces as a D2C brand

Nakoa.Digital – Successful on marketplaces as a D2C brand

The D2C (direct-to-consumer) trend has been around for a while, yet forecasts continue to look positive. 68% of manufacturers expect sales growth thanks to D2C and 63% consider direct-to-consumer sales to be very relevant or relevant.


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What is the difference between D2C and B2C?

In D2C, the company sells a product directly to its customer without using a middleman. B2C is the traditional variant. Here, products first reach the wholesaler from the manufacturer. The latter then forwards them to the distributor and the retailer buys, then resells it to the customer.

D2C brand and marketplace?

Normally, for the D2C sector, the distribution is done by the company itself. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss out on the reach of marketplaces. Marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando & Co. can help tremendously to strengthen the online presence and attract new customers. However, you also have to keep in mind that certain specifications have to be met by the marketplaces, such as when it comes to packaging and listing products. But don’t worry, depending on the marketplace, there is still enough freedom to sell products successfully.

What is there to consider?

If you want to sell products on marketplaces like Amazon, Otto, Zalando & Co. there are a few important points you should consider:

  • Right marketplace choice: Take enough time to research the different marketplaces and decide which ones best suit your product and target audience.
  • Optimizing your listings: Make sure your listings meet the specifications of each marketplace and are designed to be appealing and informative.
  • Use SEO techniques: Optimize your listings with relevant keywords, so potential customer can find them better.
  • Use of stunning images and videos: Invest in high-quality images and videos to showcase your products and convince customers.
  • Competitive pricing: Compare your prices with those of your competitors and make sure they are competitive to generate more sales.
  • Good customer service: Respond quickly and satisfactorily to customer inquiries.
  • Collect and use customer reviews: Use customer reviews to improve your products and services and win over potential customers.
  • Measure and analyze your successes: Monitor your sales figures and analyze the data to see which strategies work best and how you can improve them.


As the trend of D2C sales continues to rise, it is important to differentiate ourselves from other competitors. We see a big advantage with selling on marketplaces, as it is easier to have a presence and generate customers. However, you have to make the compromise of not being able to determine everything yourself, but having to comply with a few specifications from the marketplaces. But with our 8 tips your sale on a marketplace will definitely be a success.
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