Marketing & Sales on Galaxus

Galaxus, as a renowned online marketplace, offers companies an extremely attractive platform to present their products to a wide audience. In 2022, Galaxus recorded impressive successes, including 23 million visits to its platform every month and a steadily growing customer base of over 2.7 million shoppers. These remarkable figures are testament to the popularity and trust that customers place in Galaxus. In this context, the following advantages arise for retailers when marketing and selling on Galaxus:

  • Broad customer base: with 23 million monthly visits, Galaxus offers businesses access to an enormous target group, which significantly expands their reach and sales market.
  • Trusted brand image: Galaxus has built an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, allowing businesses to benefit from this positive brand image.
  • Efficient logistics and customer care: Galaxus invests in efficient logistics services and provides high-quality customer service, which helps businesses ensure smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.
  • Strong online presence: As an established marketplace, Galaxus has a robust online presence that businesses can leverage to increase their visibility in the competitive e-commerce market.

In summary, Galaxus offers companies an outstanding opportunity to present their products to a wide audience, benefit from its strong online presence and positive brand image, use efficient logistics services and provide customer support at the highest level. With 23 million monthly visits and over 2.7 million customers in 2022, Galaxus is undoubtedly an attractive marketplace for companies looking to expand their e-commerce operations.

Just arrange a no-obligation consultation and ask us your questions about the Galaxus marketplace! We will explain to you what really matters when marketing and selling on Galaxus.

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Step 1

Strategy on Galaxus

There are various approaches available for a successful sales strategy on, which can be adapted depending on brand positioning, regional circumstances and product features. Similar to, the following strategies are available:

  1. Brand awareness: To increase the presence and awareness of your brand on, active campaigns and marketing measures are crucial. These should draw potential customers’ attention to your brand and strengthen their trust in your products.
  2. Brand protection: If your brand already has an established position on, protecting this position is of great importance. This is about maintaining existing customer relationships and ensuring that your brand is protected from competition. This can be particularly relevant if your brand has a strong presence in a particular country of origin.
  3. Profitable sales: If your brand already enjoys a high profile on, the focus is on maximising profitable sales. This means leveraging existing customer relationships to generate higher sales and margins.
  4. Product/brand launch or internationalisation: If you want to launch new products or brands on Galaxus or use the marketplace as the primary channel for internationalising your brand, this requires a specific strategy. Here, the selection of the right products and the adaptation to the needs of the target markets is crucial.

At Nakoa Digital, we will be happy to help you develop the best sales strategy for you on and to support you in negotiations with the marketplace.

If you would like to develop a sales strategy on, please contact us.

Would you like to receive further information or individual advice on your strategy on We are always there for you to help you get off to a successful start together.


Step 2

Galaxus Setup & Integration

Whoever wants to sell on the Galaxus marketplace in Germany has to fulfil some Digitec Galaxus requirements:

  • You must be a merchant from the EU, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom (UK)
  • You must be registered for VAT or sales tax
  • All your products have EAN, WEEE number, weight, price and country of origin
  • Ideally you have a fully automated product and order data interface
  • You have a good product data quality (relevant features, descriptions, images etc.)
  • You guarantee a response to customer enquiries (2-level) within 24 hours

Once all requirements have been met and you are approved as a retailer, your online shop must be connected to Galaxus. This is done using an SFTP protocol in XML format.

Galaxus works closely with the following shop systems and middleware:

Plugins for webshops
Magento 2
Shopware 5 order data
Shopware 6 order data

Network Toys Germany (NTG)

Nakoa supports you actively in the setup & integration with Galaxus. Contact us today!


Step 3

Logistics & Operations at Galaxus

Logistics and operations for retailers at Galaxus require careful attention and structured processes. Here are the steps and things to look out for:

  1. Capturing new orders: New orders must be transferred into your own system and confirmed every day. The availability details must be checked and adjusted if necessary. For example, delivery date updates must be entered. This should be done within 24 hours. For unavailable products, the expected delivery date must be entered. If the backorder delivery takes longer than 30 days, the order item must be cancelled.
  2. Cancellation requests: Cancellation requests must be processed within 24 hours and accepted if possible in order to avoid unnecessary returns.
    Cancellation requests may be refused if the goods have already been dispatched.
  3. Shipping: As soon as orders/order items are ready for shipment, they must be entered in the CMI. The availability must be set to “shipped” and tracking numbers must be entered.
  4. Returns: Returns must be processed within 24 hours of the arrival of the goods. Returns should, at best, always be accepted to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Service cases: Service cases from customers must be processed and documented accordingly in the CMI. Depending on the solution, various options are available, such as credit note, partial credit note, repair or replacement product.

As a retail media agency, Nakoa.Digital can assist retailers with these steps. We offer solutions for automating processes, improving order processing and optimising service cases. With our expertise in retail media, we can help retailers operate more efficiently and in a more customer-focused way, thus increasing their success at Galaxus.


Step 4

SEO & Content on Galaxus

Inspiring and efficient shopping stands and falls with accurate and comprehensive product data. This data enables customers to quickly find targeted products that meet their needs – whether through the search function, navigation or filter options.

Example of a product detail page at Galaxus:

At the level of the products themselves, high-resolution photos and videos, precise product descriptions, variants and detailed specifications play a crucial role. They offer customers the opportunity to thoroughly inform themselves and compare products with each other. This plays a significant role in increasing sales opportunities, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

At Nakoa.Digital, we’re here to help you optimise your customers’ shopping experience so you sell more and have fewer returns. We help you deliver high-quality product data at lightning speed and in an automated way. So you can realise the full potential of your product range.


Step 5

Marketing on Galaxus

Nakoa.Digital helps you optimise your listings on Galaxus. We can request regular reports for you so you can use the marketing figures to make strategic decisions for the future. At Galaxus, you can choose from the following marketing reports:

  • Sales history:
    . Track your sales development Galaxus. Take the overview of the achieved turnover per month.
  • Turnover in the last 4 weeks:
    Observe the development of different product types, analyse different brands or identify the top-selling products of the last four weeks.
  • Turnover potential:
    Make the most of your sales potential on Galaxus. At product level, you can see which products currently have more attractive offers available.



Retail Readiness on Galaxus


Nakoa.Digital is here to help retailers successfully sell their products on Galaxus and develop the optimal sales strategy. We also help with the setup, integration and optimisation of SEO & content as well as marketing on Galaxus to realise the full potential.

Whether you are “retail ready” for Galaxus or need assistance with your sales on Galaxus, Nakoa.Digital is here to help you and ensure you surf this exciting e-commerce wave successfully! πŸ„β€β™‚οΈπŸŒŠ


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