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Ceneo is a well-known price comparison portal from Poland that offers traders several advantages when they list their products on this marketplace.

  • Greater reach: By listing on Ceneo, traders gain access to a broad target group of consumers who are specifically looking for products. This increases the visibility of the products and increases the chances of more purchases. offers 17 million potential customers – every month.
  • Increased conversion: Since Ceneo allows consumers to compare prices and offers from different merchants, they are more likely to make a purchase if they find an attractive offer. This can lead to a higher conversion rate for merchants with the best offer.
  • Competitive advantage: Merchants can compete with other merchants in the same product category on Ceneo. If they offer competitive prices, high-quality products and positive reviews, they can establish themselves as a preferred choice for consumers.
  • Feedback and reviews: Ceneo allows customers to leave ratings and reviews. Positive reviews can increase consumer confidence in the products and the merchant, which in turn can lead to higher sales.

Overall, Ceneo offers retailers the opportunity to increase their visibility, boost sales and gain valuable insights into the market and customer preferences. We can help you create & implement your sales strategy on Ceneo to reap the business benefits.

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Strategy on Ceneo

At, you can offer your products on the price comparison platform both as a trader and as a brand owner. Nakoa gives you valuable insights for your business on how to get the most out of the Ceneo marketplace.

Ceneo for merchants

The first step for traders is to register with Language barriers should not be a problem for you – Nakoa has Polish native speakers who will advise you on the registration process and also carry it out for you if you wish.

In the second step, your products are uploaded either manually or automatically, depending on their size. When a user clicks on your product, he or she lands directly in your webshop and can complete the purchase there.

The third step is the billing with Ceneo. You only pay for the clicks that land on your website. You can also choose from one of three billing packages when you top up your account with money. You can even save up to 30% on fees. We’re happy to help you with the best marketplace strategy on Ceneo.

Ceneo for brand owners

In the world of e-commerce, there are many ways to promote and get your brand known. Ceneo offers you the opportunity to manage your brand in an effective way while increasing your sales. With more than 17 million monthly users, Ceneo is one of the leading platforms for online shopping in Poland.

What does Ceneo offer brand owners?

Detailed sales analysis: get up-to-date data from your brand manager to optimise sales and reduce costs. You learn how customers perceive your brand and can plan appropriate actions for optimisation.

Brand awareness: Use the “Strefa Marki” (brand zone) to make your brand known to potential customers. Create a dedicated sub-page with your products and partners to stand out from the competition.

Improve visibility: By bidding for top positions on the website, you increase your visibility. Up to 70% of users choose the products in the top positions. You only pay for actual results. Nakoa manages the ads for you and gets you the most profit. We have specialised in Ads on marketplaces for years.

Product labelling: Make your products stand out with special labels. With “Oferta Specjalna” (Special Offer) you can add up to 4 graphics for special promotions or contests. “Nowości Produktowe” (New Products) marks new products and highlights them on the first page. Your selected products will be displayed as “Polecane” (Recommended) on the home page.
Pozycjoner and Wiersz Produktowy: These functions allow you to place your products in prominent positions. “Pozycjoner” highlights your listings above the others in the category, while “Wiersz Produktowy” reserves the top positions for up to 4 of your products.

Conclusion for brand owners:

Ceneo offers a wide range of ways to manage and promote your brand. Through detailed analytics, targeted brand promotion and prominent product placement, you can increase your sales and raise brand awareness. Become part of the Ceneo community and benefit from the many advantages this platform offers.

Step 2

Setup & Integration on Ceneo

Ceneo offers you the possibility to integrate up to 38 e-commerce platforms into its portal to manage your business even more easily. E-commerce platforms with a connection to Ceneo include:

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Woo Commerce
  • Atomstore
  • Sellingo

Nakoa advises you whether your e-commerce solution can also be connected to Ceneo and goes through the setup and integration step by step with you using XML and API.

Step 3

Trusted Reviews on Ceneo

Positive reviews of your products build trust in your brand and solve buying doubts. Ceneo offers you the possibility to collect reviews for your sold products. For this purpose, the Ceneo Trusted Reviews Tool is installed and configured in your shop’s backend system. Nakoa can help you with the installation and configuration of the Ceneo Trusted Reviews Tool.

Once you have collected many positive reviews, Ceneo can also award you the “Trusted Seller” badge. The badge is only awarded to shops that have received at least 30 reviews in the last 30 days. The average rating of these reviews must be 4.5 or higher, and at least 90% of them must be positive.

Step 4

Content Premium on Ceneo

At you can add “Content Premium” to your products. This gives you a special multimedia description (HTML) and you can use high-resolution photos, videos and text in an attractive layout. This can be compared to the Amazon Premium A+ Content. Content Premium is available for both merchants and brand owners. selling with Content Premium

Step 4

Digital Marketing on Ceneo

Ceneo offers you many advertising options. You can advertise internally on Ceneo or externally, e.g. on social media, newsletters, YouTube or via Google display ads with remarketing.

Within Ceneo you can use many advertising options:

  • Ceneo Widget
  • Top Banner
  • Top Banner Video
  • Scroll Footer
  • Show Case
  • Mini Showcase
  • Popular product
  • Popular brands
  • Advertising Boxes
  • Double Billboard and more.

Let Nakoa advise you on the various advertising possibilities on Ceneo. Together, we will develop a customised advertising strategy on Ceneo for your company, so that you create more awareness for your products and also generate more sales.

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