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If you have ever dealt with DIY products in the Netherlands, you probably know Praxis. Its parent company, Maxeda DIY Group, is launching a DIY marketplace in the Benelux.

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Benelux Do-it-Yourself marketplace

Get ready! Maxeda DIY Group, the largest and leading DIY retailer in Benelux, announced the launch of a new marketplace on 2 February 2023. This marketplace, which will be integrated into the websites and mobile applications of Brico, BricoPlanit, and Praxis, will be the first of its kind in the Benelux, providing customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands with a one-stop-shop for all their DIY needs.

The Maxeda marketplace will offer an expanded selection of products, including at least 10,000 new products at launch in addition to the already existing 90.000 products, and eventually providing access to over one million products. Maxeda’s goal is to increase client options and make sure they can complete their DIY shopping in one location. This will make it easier for customers to discover the items they need without having to browse through multiple stores.

Brico, Praxis, and Mirakl will work together to make this happen. The first and most sophisticated business marketplace SaaS platform on the market, Mirakl, now supports the marketplaces of 350 well-known companies. It will draw on this experience to make sure the integration goes successfully.

Who are the sales partners?

To ensure the quality of the products sold on the marketplace, Maxeda thoroughly investigates eligible third-party sellers. They require that items are created under legal working conditions and that wood products are FSC or PFEC certified. Customers can easily identify sales partners on the product page by the statement “sold and delivered by.”

Who are Maxeda DIY Group, Praxis and Brico?

As stated before, Maxeda DIY Group is a DIY retailer that operates in the Benelux. It owns Praxis, the largest DIY retailer in the Netherlands, and Brico Planet, Brico’s Belgian and Luxemburgian subsidiary. With 339 owned and franchise stores represented on their website, Maxeda DIY Group is a trusted name in the DIY industry.

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