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Kaufland enables retailers to reach a large audience through online sales with the all-in-one Kaufland Global Marketplace solution. The company has expanded its online presence not only in Germany, but also to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The German marketplace has grown significantly in recent years and is easier to find in Google searches than its competitors. The marketplace offers merchants two different fee models to choose from. In addition to the standard model for €39.95, you can also choose an extended fee model.

In this article you will learn more about Kaufland and how you can successfully sell on the Kaufland marketplace nationally and also internationally.

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Kaufland Global Marketplace

Kaufland is part of the Schwarz Group, which also includes Lidl. The company owns 1500 stores in 8 countries.
Kaufland’s online marketplaces enable retailers to achieve a wide reach both nationally and internationally. The marketplaces are managed via the all-in-one Kaufland Global Marketplace solution. The underlying multi-marketplace technology makes it possible to sell on and also on all other Kaufland marketplaces with just one registration. Merchants work from one system and can, among other things, have their product data translated free of charge and transferred to the other marketplaces without any problems.

In which countries can I sell via Kaufland Global Marketplace?

Until now, it was only possible to sell in Germany via However, this year Kaufland is expanding its digital presence internationally so that it is now also possible to sell in the Czech Republic ( and Slovakia (

Reach of Kaufland Global Marketplace

The German online marketplace alone can reach over 32 million visitors per month, benefiting from more than 40 million SKUs. Products can be assigned to more than 5000 categories. Already more than 9000 retailers sell with Kaufland Global Marketplace.
The average annual growth rate of the marketplace is increasing significantly faster than that of e-commerce in Germany. From 2015 to 2020, the marketplace was able to achieve a growth of +92% (until 2021, the domain and later was used), while the overall growth of online commerce only increased by +13%.
Unlike other competitors such as AboutYou, Zalando, MediaMarkt, Wayfairor ManoMano, Kaufland can also achieve a higher score on the Sistrix Visibility Index, making it easier to find on Google.

The Kaufland Global Marketplace offer

Kaufland supports retailers in selling on the marketplaces. The following services are included in the monthly subscription:

  • personal retailer support
  • 1st level customer support in the respective national language of the marketplace
  • payment processing in the respective local currency
  • free product data translation for the international marketplaces
  • external multi-channel marketing (e.g. ads in search engines such as Google and Bing, social media ads (Facebook and Instagram), display ads and listing of offers with price comparators)

Optionally, other on- and off-site options can also be used such as Sponsored Products or Social Media Ad Spaces.
It is also possible to participate in various promotions to increase sales. On the one hand, Kaufland Global Marketplace offers seasonal and event-related campaigns that are additionally advertised online and offline. On the other hand, there is the “Sparfuchswoche” (savings fox week). This is a monthly promotion in which the advertised offers are prominently displayed on the website and additionally promoted on social media and with newsletters. There is also a leaflet that reaches millions of households.

How does Kaufland work as a marketplace?

After the retailer registers to sell on the Kaufland marketplaces, the account is activated. Then the retailer adds his products with an EAN. Kaufland is now responsible for automated marketing, payment processing and delivery information. Finally, the retailer ships his goods and then receives the revenue.
To upload the products different options can be used:

  • Software interface or middleware solutions (e.g. channable).
  • Kaufland API
  • CSV file with product and offer data
  • Manual listing via the Seller Portal


There are no hidden costs for merchants on the Kaufland marketplaces: Merchants pay only a basic fee for selling on all Kaufland marketplaces. In addition to the standard fee model for €39.95 per month, merchants can also choose the extended model for €49.95, which also includes a link to their own online store. You can change the contract monthly and cancel it at any time. In addition to the basic monthly fee, there are only commission rates that depend on the sales category and range from 7% to 16%.


It is possible to achieve a large reach and brand awareness via Kaufland marketplaces. In addition, multi-channel marketing creates high visibility. There are multiple integration options and all relevant payment options are available. Finally, there is personal merchant support and transparent costs without contract terms.
After the first marketplace, which is available in Germany, there is now also the Slovakian marketplace since February this year. The launch of will follow in a few weeks. With the all-in-one solution Kaufland Global Marketplace it is possible to offer products on all country-specific marketplaces with only one registration.
Would you like to learn more about Kaufland or start selling on these marketplaces? We are glad to help you! Simply arrange a non-binding consultation and ask us your questions!

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