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Nakoa.Digital – Selling successfully on myToys & mirapodo

Every 3rd woman in Germany is a MYTOYS Group customer. The company, which is part of the OttoGroup, is a huge online retail media market with 7.5 million active customers and 2.3 million new customers per year. The MYTOYS Group caters to the needs of families with children and offers the largest selection of products for children and families in the online world. The newsletter is received by every 6th German family, which equals over 4 million registered newsletter users.

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Facts & Info

MyToys offers a simple and straightforward connection for its own marketplace model “Partner Program”. This is because just one technical integration gives access to two stores, namely myToysand mirapodo. The former focuses on toys & baby supplies, and is Germany’s best online store in the child and baby category. Mirapodo, on the other hand, is one of Germany’s largest online shoe stores for women’s, men’s and children’s shoes. Founded as a pure shoe store, mirapodo has since become a store with an extensive range of shoes, fashion, bags and accessories for women, men and children. The clothing is offered exclusively by partners.

How do I become a partner?

The technical connection via the MYTOYS Group partner program can be made directly or via external integration solutions.
With the MYTOYS Group Vendor Portal you can connect your systems directly to the platform via a web interface, CSV or XML.
Alternatively, integration is also possible via Tradebyte, Plentymarkets, novomindor JTL.
After selecting the appropriate integration solution, the partner process takes place in 6 simple steps:

  1. Registration for the supplier manager
  2. Contact & activation by partner manager
  3. Filling in the data in the supplier manager & signing the contract documents
  4. Technical integration
  5. Checking of data and transfer to the stores
  6. Live launch of the products
  7. Costs & delivery

There is a 15% sales commission based on gross sales price after deduction of returns, but there is reduced sales commission for technical products. From the start of integration, a 39€ plus VAT monthly basic fee is charged, but no further extra costs are then added. MyToys offers a B2C delivery to end customers, as well as a commission business, respectively only a commission business in the partner program. Since the goods are shipped directly from the partner, the B2C delivery lies with the partner.

Sponsored Product Ads via myToys

Sponsored Product Ads can be placed on myToys and mirapodo to address the target group and active shoppers at the right time.
The ad is displayed directly in the most important content of myToys, the product search list. Here, there is no interruption of the user journey, as there is a direct link to the product. In addition, no creatives are required and the campaign can start in less than 48 hours after setup. Only the actual clicks are paid for.
Via the new self-service platform MYBRAND, a campaign can be realized at short notice with just a few clicks. Here you can easily book e.g. sponsored product ads and control your campaigns yourself.

Our opinion of the MYTOYS Group

myToys is a promising marketplace and especially in the area of families / children and shoes a big player. With the already given possibilities of Managed Sponsored Product Ads, the first successes and sales can be achieved and measured. We see the new self-service tool as a great opportunity and think that this marketplace has great potential. We are excited to see how myToys will develop further.

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