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Zalando is now one of the largest European fashion and lifestyle platforms and is active in 20 countries. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Berlin. Zalando has grown steadily over the years and achieved sales of approximately €8 billion in 2020. Zalando currently employs more than 14,500 people to meet all customer and partner requirements. The platform has approximately 42 million active customers generating more than 560 million website visits per month. More than 80% of these visitors browse mobile, i.e. via the Zalando app or the mobile browser. More than 4,000 brands now use the online platform for fashion, sports, beauty and lifestyle brands as a sales channel and more than 1 million articles are offered.

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For whom is it worth selling on Zalando for ?

Zalando is still one of the most popular marketplaces for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. There is a wide range of products available from clothing, shoes, beauty and lifestyle products to accessories such as sunglasses and jewelry. In the future, Zalando will also focus more on the beauty area in order to meet the demand there.

How can I promote my brand and products on Zalando?

Through Zalando’s 360° Marketing Unit Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS), Zalando offers various advertising options within and outside its own platform to put your brand in the spotlight and to grow it on the online platform. They can be roughly divided into two types: branding and performance.
Branding campaigns make your own brand better known on the online platform, while performance campaigns are intended to place your own products more prominently and increase sales. Since Zalando offers numerous advertising options, we give you an overview below of the measures that are relevant for most brands.

With these advertising options you draw attention to your brand and products

Homepage Teaser

The homepage teaser is probably the most prominent placement right on the homepage. It consists of an image and you can also add a headline and a subtitle. You can also include a Call to Action ( CTA ) to communicate directly with your potential customers.
In addition, you can integrate a carousel with 25 articles in the homepage teaser to best position the products next to the brand.

Video Teaser

The video teaser pursues the same goal as the homepage teaser, just in video format. Here too there is the possibility Headline, Subtitle and CTA to create and emphasize the 25 ites per carousel.

Catalog Teaser

The catalog teaser is a banner form that is placed within the product categories. This ad format consists of an image or video with a headline, subtitle and CTA to promote your own brand. The condition is that the advertised product also belongs to this category. Shoes can therefore only be advertised in the shoes category.

In-Catalog Ad

The In-Catalog Ad is a display format that consists of an image, headline, subtitle and CTA . The ad size is always placed in the 10th position on a catalog page. It is characterized by a background color, which should also be as striking as possible to generate more attention. For brave brands, there is also the option to use a GIF to stand out. The only requirement for the ads is that they must be product related and fit into the appropriate category.

Sponsored Products

The sponsored products are a very good marketing opportunity to directly increase sales at Zalando. You can advertise a list of products here to appear as high as possible in search results, even if the products don’t rank organically in the first place. The advertised products do not immediately stand out as advertising and can only be identified by a small “sponsored” comment.
Billing takes place here using a cost-per-click model, so that you only pay when the visitor actually clicks on your product. This makes this ad format particularly attractive, because you don’t pay for impressions, but direct users directly to your own product detail pages and only pay for relevant traffic that is interested in the products. With sponsored products, a direct link can therefore also be made with the return on ad spend (ROAS), which is usually not possible with branding measures.
It must be said that the rendering takes place with an algorithm that shows each user individually the products that match their search – based on their previous interactions with Zalando. Sponsored Products can be set up by us in Self Service or in collaboration with Zalando in Managed Service . For constant performance monitoring, Zalando provides reports once a week that allow us to make optimizations and manage the campaign as profitably as possible.

Newsletter Teaser

Using the newsletter teaser you can present your brand in the Zalando newsletter and present it to subscribers. It is possible to book a placement in the upper or lower part of the newsletter. Zalando sends out the newsletter twice a month. Images must contain a look or promote certain products available on Zalando. In addition to the image, the headline, subtitle and CTA can also be set separately.

Use Zalando’s social media channels as an advertising channel for your articles

Zalando also offers the possibility to advertise your brand through its social media channels. This is where the wide reach of these social media channels pays off as they can reach several million followers.
There are several ad placements for the major social networks, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Link Ads

May be up to 15 seconds of moving image video or still image video. It should include your brand logo to increase awareness. Tone and descriptions are optional, but Zalando recommends them. This ad format is shown to users in their personal feed on the platforms and fed back to Zalando.

Carousel Ads

A carousel can consist of a combination of multiple photos and videos. It allows the user to swipe sideways through the display to view more images. Users can also see this placement directly in the feed.

Collection Ads

This form of advertising consists of a combination of images, videos and a dynamic SKU selection and is only available on mobile devices. Make the article list as wide as possible (minimum 25 products), as it is displayed dynamically, depending on the availability of the individual articles on Zalando.

Dynamic Ads

A combination of a video/photo and an advertised SKU. The first card should represent a static image and the second a product to be advertised. Again, as described above, the same recommendation applies to list a minimum of 25 SKUs, as the playout is also done dynamically here.

Instagram Stories

An Instagram story can consist of up to 10 stories for your brand. A combination of video and image is also possible here. Messages can be integrated directly into the images and videos, as no description in text form is possible.

You can use these ad formats to drive external traffic to your products at Zalando

Zalando also offers the possibility to place ad formats outside of Zalando, which then feed back to the Zalando platform.
The best-known formats here are the banner ads, which are placed on websites and show items and brands on Zalando.
Other options include YouTube video ads. There are several ad formats, such as True View InStream, which the viewer can skip after 5 seconds. Here, charges are only incurred after the viewer has watched or interacted with the video for 30 seconds. There is also the option to place short videos, for example bumper ads, as ads within the YouTube clips that the viewer cannot skip. Here you get the full attention of your potential customers and invoice according to the CPM (cost per mille) model.

This is how we can support you on Zalando

As you can see, Zalando offers various advertising options to promote your brand and products and increase your sales. We recommend a performance-oriented marketing campaign, especially in the beginning, because the first results are visible in a short time. Based on this, it makes sense to use brand campaigns to raise awareness of your brand, win new customers and accelerate growth. We are happy to advise you on a complex marketing strategy when selecting the right advertising measures on Zalando.

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