Search Ads 360 extends bid adjustments

Nakoa.Digital – Search Ads 360 extends bid adjustments

A few weeks after Google AdWords, Analytics and co. united under the 360 ​​name there is the first major technical change. Search Ads 360, then emerged from DoubleClick Search, is intended for advanced Google Ads management. This includes, among other things, the possibility of creating bid management strategies. These automated algorithms increase and decrease CPC (cost per click) bids based on performance. Depending on the target selected, be it a specific ROAS target or a target CPA, this reduces the management effort and generates higher sales.


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Search Ads 360 has also been able to change bid adjustments for mobile devices for a long time. However, bid adjustments were not possible for tablets. These could only be changed manually in Google Ads itself, not fully automatically. That has now changed. In addition to automated adjustments to tablet bids, bid adjustments from Internet-enabled televisions are also possible. These changes are part of Google’s big push towards automated campaign management and machine learning. In the future, fewer and fewer activities will be carried out by hand, and more and more will be done by machine.

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