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From a traditional company to a successful online retailer

The medium-sized traditional company ROY ROBSON has successfully made the leap into digitization through cooperation with us. Our experts at Nakoa worked on building an online sales channel on the Zalando marketplace and used Co-Curated Products campaigns to drive relevant traffic to the product detail pages. These actions resulted in an increase in ROAS of over 300% and reduced the cost-per-click of the products by 25%. As a result, ROY ROBSON was able to record a 30% increase in sales in the months that followed.


Awesome results


Revenue growth

After the start of the campaign, we were able to achieve an increase in sales of over 30% for the customer in the months that followed.



In the campaign period under review, the ROAS increased to 1703%.

Our challenge
The facts
The results
Our challenge

ROY ROBSON is a medium-sized traditional company for high-quality men’s fashion that has been in existence for over 100 years.

The biggest challenge for the offline retailer was making the leap towards digitization. Building a successful online sales channel not only required in-depth specialist knowledge, but also additional work resources.

Since online sales channels were completely new for ROY ROBSON, there was initially a lack of very basic knowledge of the technical functionality, attribution processes of the budgets and the interpretation of the campaign results.

The facts

The client

ROY ROBSON is a medium-sized traditional company for high-quality men’s fashion that has been in existence for over 100 years.​

The company has previously had a high focus on the offline business.

Since ROY ROBSON was right at the beginning of the digitization process and there was a lack of know-how and capacity internally, ROY ROBSON decided to work with our marketplace experts at the beginning of 2021.

Our goal

Our goal at Nakoa was to build a successful online sales channel. ROY ROBSON chose the online marketplace Zalando as the scaling channel.

ROY ROBSON also focuses on the following questions when evaluating and analyzing the campaigns:

  • Which product groups can we strengthen?
  • What are realistic sales volumes for the ROY ROBSON brand?
  • What overarching effects do we see in brand interaction?

The solution

In order to effectively and efficiently increase sales via Zalando, we decided on co-curated products campaigns (sponsored product ads) on Zalando. With a “test-and-learn” strategy, relevant traffic could be directed to the product detail pages. Through seasonal adjustments to the assortment strategy and continuous performance optimization at product level, we were able to successfully achieve the customer’s goals.

The results

In the campaign period under consideration, the ROAS, which was still 420% in week 11, increased to 1730% in week 22 over the course of the campaign. This corresponds to an increase of over 300%. During the course of the campaign, the cost-per-click was reduced by a total of 25% to a final value of EUR 0.49.

In addition, ROY ROBSON was able to increase sales by 30% in the months following the start of the campaign on Zalando.

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