Successfully scaling on OTTO.

The Peter Hahn company has been able to successfully establish itself on OTTO through its collaboration with Nakoa Digital and has achieved both a significant increase in sales and ROAS on the marketplace.
Our experts at Nakoa worked to establish Always-on Sponsored Product Ads and executed seasonal product adjustments to continuously drive traffic to the client’s product detail page and achieve a high sell-through rate. By managing and scaling the ads campaigns, we were able to increase the client’s revenue by over €430,000 and increase the ROAS on OTTO by over 600%.


Awesome results



During the campaign period under review, ROAS was increased to 600%.


Sales increase

After the start of the campaigns, we were able to achieve an increase in sales of € 430,000 for the customer in the following months.

Our challenge
The facts
The results
Our challenge

Peter Hahn is a German mail order company in the upscale price and quality segment, which specializes especially in fashion items made of natural fibers and has been in existence for over 50 years. The biggest challenge for the retailer was to successfully sell through OTTO and generate continuous attention for its products in the fast-moving fashion sector. Managing and effectively scaling advertising campaigns on online marketplaces like OTTO requires not only deep expertise, but also continuous campaign management with seasonal optimization processes.

The facts

The customer

Peter Hahn is a German company that has been offering high-quality fashion for men and women since 1964. The company is known for its exclusive selection of clothing and accessories from renowned brands such as Escada, Bogner and Joop!
In addition to sales via stores and its own online store, Peter Hahn is now also increasingly relying on marketplaces such as Zalando, About You and Otto.

Our task

Our goal was to support the customer in the marketplace and to achieve an increase in sales and earnings on OTTO in Germany.
The fashion industry is based on fast processes and frequently changing trends. To achieve the goals, it was therefore important to promote items in a way that generates a lot of traffic and quickly sells off changing items and collections.

The solution

To effectively and efficiently drive sales through OTTO, we decided to use Always-on Sponsored Product Ads to continuously drive traffic to the client’s product detail page. In addition, our ads experts placed special focus on seasonal product adjustments to effectively leverage the fast-moving nature of the fashion industry. In combination with continuous performance optimization at the product level of Peter Hahn, we thus succeeded in realizing the client’s goals.

The results

In the 12-month campaign period under consideration, our agency was able to sell over 4,500 products and realize an increase in sales of over €430,000 for the client by managing and scaling ads campaigns on OTTO.
The success of the continuous advertising campaigns was also reflected in the brand’s ROAS, which increased by over 600% on OTTO in the months following the campaigns.

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