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Strong growth through automation during the pandemic

German B2B online retailer minilu started working with Nakoa to achieve 25% revenue growth within 12 months through automated processes. The goal was to significantly increase the client’s sales without generating additional B2C traffic on the website. To do this, we relied on ROAS-driven automated campaigns and marketing automation to further accelerate the growth of the brand. Thanks to these automation efforts, we acquired over 1 million new visitors and increased minilu’s revenue by 36%.


Awesome results


Sales increase

After launching the campaigns, we were able to achieve a 36% increase in sales for the customer in the following months.


Increase in search volume

Within our cooperation, we were able to achieve an increase in the search volume of the “minilu” brand of over 58%.


New visitors

Over 1 million new visitors visited the minilu website during the campaign period under review.

Our challenge
The facts
The results
Our challenge

B2B retailer minilu is a German company that supplies dental practices and employees in several countries with high-quality laboratory and practice products. The biggest challenge for the online retailer was to increase profitability through automated processes and acquire new customers without generating additional B2C traffic on the website. Setting up successful campaigns with these criteria required deep expertise and a comprehensive strategy.

The facts

The customer

minilu GmbH is a German online depot with over 45,000 branded articles in the field of medical practice and laboratory supplies. The company focuses on high product quality and supplies customers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. All products of the exclusive online retailer come from well-known brand manufacturers and are picked quickly and easily via the minilu central warehouse, which will be newly opened in mid-2021. By working with our agency, minilu has also relied on automation processes to drive further growth since the pandemic.

Our task

Our goal at Nakoa was to generate 25% revenue growth for the company within 12 months while avoiding B2C traffic. To achieve this, minilu provided us with a 7-figure advertising budget, which we were able to use to promote 45,000 items. Furthermore, a large part of our work consisted of solving DSGVO tracking difficulties.

The solution

To realize the client’s goals, we used ROAS-driven automated campaigns to achieve broad targeting and enable KPI-driven account development and campaign scaling. Regular performance evaluation by our experts, as well as data-driven adjustments helped us continuously improve results. Additionally, we implemented new channels such as marketing automation to further accelerate growth. By automating the exclusion of B2C transactions, we were able to focus on high-quality leads and significantly increase revenue growth.

The results

During the campaign period under review, our agency was able to acquire more than 1,000,000 new visitors for the online retailer through the automation measures introduced and increase its sales by 36%. The success of the automated campaigns was also reflected in the brand’s search volume, which saw an increase of 58%.

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