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Video display ads as a supplement to classic TV advertising

By working with Nakoa Digital, the Swiss company LIPO has managed to generate various video display formats based on specific target groups for social media and optimize them. By using video display ads on YouTube, we were able to generate over 1.5 million views for LIPO and reduce GRP by 20%, resulting in a 1,500% ROI for the client.


Awesome results


Lower GRP

The effectiveness of the video formats was confirmed by a low GRP (Gross Rating Point) of 20%.


Generated views

Over 1.5 million views were generated on YouTube during the video campaign period under review.


Return on Investment (ROI)

With hourly reports and continuous adjustments to the ads, LIPO’s return on investment increased to 1,500%.

Our challenge
The facts
The results
Our challenge

Swiss furniture and home furnishings retailer LIPO commissioned our digital agency to create a successful video marketing campaign on social media that generated 10% more views for selected target groups than traditional TV ads. The biggest challenge was to filter out the most successful video formats through a series of tests and optimize them based on different audiences and budgets.

The facts

The customer

LIPO is a Swiss furniture company and furniture store with over 23 stores in Switzerland. In addition to sales through the many stores, LIPO also relies on online commerce through the LIPO online store and offers a wide selection of furniture, home appliances and furnishings at best prices.
By working with our agency, LIPO is now using video marketing on social media to complement traditional TV advertising.

Our task

Our goal at Nakoa was to play video ads on YouTube that could generate 10% more views than the client’s average TV campaign with a similar target audience.
To monitor the effectiveness of these social media videos, we also provided hourly audience reports for the client.

The solution

To measure the success of potential video formats, we conducted a small series of tests with different video display formats and focused on the best results. We further developed the most promising formats and set different CPV budgets based on different target groups. With hourly audience reports, our ads experts were able to effectively adjust the video display ads with the given budget and accurately plan next steps. Thus, we managed to achieve amazing results for the client through video formats.

The results

During the campaign period under review, our agency was able to generate over 1.5 million views on YouTube through the use of video display ads and reduce GRP to 20%. The success of the video ads was also reflected in the visibility of the company and the ROI achieved. LIPO’s visibility reached 91% in the following months of the campaigns and the client’s ROI increased to 1,500%.

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