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Increasing sales via performance marketing channels for a new online startup

Swiss start-up Cheezy has successfully implemented advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google by working with Nakoa and has achieved a noticeable increase in sales. To achieve this, our marketing experts ran best-practice campaigns via Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and implemented a “test-and-learn” strategy to test and optimize different options. The result was a 70% monthly revenue growth, a 62% increase in ROAS, and a 68% reduction in CPA.


Awesome results


Sales increase

After launching the campaigns, we were able to achieve an average increase in sales of 70% for the customer in the following months.



During the campaign period under review, ROAS increased by an average of 62%.


CPA reduction

During our cooperation with Cheezy, we were able to reduce new customer acquisition costs by 68%.

Our challenge
The facts
The results
Our challenge

Cheezy is a Swiss start-up that offers high-quality cheese products and wants to bring Swiss tradition to Germany and France through selected cheese boxes. The biggest challenge for the online retailer was to increase profitability through campaigns and acquire new customers. Setting up successful marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google required not only in-depth expertise, but also additional labor resources.

The facts

The customer

Cheezy is an online retail service for Swiss cheese in the upscale segment. The company focuses on offering quality products, which are produced through sustainable processes. A special feature of the company, are their cheese boxes and cheese subscriptions, which they send monthly or individually to customers of Switzerland and abroad. By working with our agency, Cheezy is now leveraging performance marketing channels to continue to grow.

Our task

Our goal at Nakoa was to use performance campaigns to achieve a significant increase in revenue and sales for the start-up and drive more traffic to the website. In the process, Cheezy’s ROAS was to be raised to a profitable level and brand awareness was to be significantly increased through the advertising activities.

The solution

To realize the client’s goals, we started with a series of best-practice Google Ads and Facebook Ads (for delivery on Facebook and Instagram) campaigns. From this foundation, we implemented a “test-and-learn” strategy, testing and evaluating different targeting options, bidding strategies, and creative formats for Cheezy’s products. This allowed us to measure and continuously optimize the impact of our campaigns based on real results.

The results

In the first 3 months of our collaboration, our campaigns managed to generate an average monthly revenue growth of 70% for the startup and increase the average Return on Advertising Spent per month by 62%.
The success of the marketing campaigns was also reflected in the high reduction in CPA. Through continuous campaign optimization, we were able to reduce the cost of new customer acquisition (CPA) by 68%.

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