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What was previously only available for a fee in Vendor Central has also been available to sellers on Amazon for a few months now: The Premium A+ Content content type and in this case it is even free of charge. But how does this form of Amazon Content differ from the conventional A+ Content and Basic Content? What has to be fulfilled in order to get access to Premium A+ Content? And what are the advantages of Premium A+ Content? These and other questions will be answered in this article. So: Let’s go!


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What content is available for sellers on Amazon?

Basically, every Amazon seller has the opportunity to provide their products with informative content on Amazon via Basic Content. As soon as the product brand has been registered with the patent office and with Amazon in the brand registry, there are many other possibilities. Then the seller can not only create Basic Content for the products, but also the following content types:

  • A+ Content
    -> several layout templates and more attractive page design than in Basic Content
  • Brand Story
    -> a content section about the brand story, which is displayed on the product page
  • Brand Store
    -> an Amazon web store where you can present yourself as a brand with your products.

Now Amazon offers an additional content type: the Premium A+ Content!

What are the requirements for Premium A+ Content?

“Premium A+ is now available in Seller Central!” That’s how it may show up in your Amazon Seller Central. In order for the Amazon Premium Content feature to be available to you, a few requirements must be met:
All ASINs in your catalog must have a published Amazon Brand Story. You can either use the same Brand Story for all your ASINs, or you can use a different Brand Story for each product. This will be displayed directly above your A+ content.
You must have at least 15 A+ Content project submissions in Approved status within the last 12 months.
So this means that in any case you must have registered your brand with Amazon and also met the above requirements. At the end of each month (between the 20th-31st), you will be notified by Amazon if you have been granted access to Premium A+ Content. If you do not receive a notification, Amazon Premium A+ Content will not be available to you.

What does the new Amazon Premium A+ Content offer?

While in Basic Content up to 7 content modules can be created from a selection of 17 content types, in Premium A+ Content you can use up to 8 content modules and have a selection of 21 content types. So, there are many more content sections to choose from to include images and text to increase conversion rates by providing a great user experience. In addition, with Premium A+ content, videos can now be integrated to show product highlights or the ideal application of the product, for example.

Content types with Amazon Premium A+ Content

  • Carousel modules
  • Questions and answers
  • 2 hotspots on the image with on-click text
  • Technical data
  • 3 Premium comparison tables
  • 3 video modules
  • Amazon Launchpad logo
  • Content modules with high resolution images

How can I create content with Premium A+ Content?

In the Amazon Seller Central, select the menu at the top left, then click on the “Advertising” menu item and select “A+ Content Manager”. Then you can search for the product you want to create content for, using the search function at the top, or click the “Create content for A+” button.
Amazon will first suggest a background image with text in this premium version. Then you design the page with additional content types and maintain your content. The maximum number of characters for the individual content modules is limited – so it is not always easy to communicate the most important information in just a few words.
If you find it difficult to find the right words or to choose suitable content modules for your content, you can contact us. We will gladly take over the creation of Amazon Premium A+ content for you. We have a lot of experience in digital marketing in the retail media sector. Simply arrange a non-binding consultation and ask us your questions!

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