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The Pinterest platform has been able to generate over 100 million active users per month since its launch in 2010. This makes them an attractive advertising platform. It has been possible to place ads in Germany since spring 2019. Users click the ads most often that are relevant.


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What are Pinterest trends?

Pinterest Trends are keywords that users have actively searched on the platform over the past 12 months. The Pinterest Trends Tool is a search ad where you can enter and select a search term. Pinterest then shows the history of searches for that term over the past 12 months using a graph and the most popular pins. You can also add up to three more search terms so that you can easily compare the terms with each other. Similar trends, i.e. similar search terms, are also suggested. The only downside to this tool is that you can currently only view the USA, UK and Canada areas.
For example, using the example “Hawaii” and “Hawaii life”, the graph in the US search ad would look like this:
Trendkurven der Begriffe

More features of the Pinterest Trends Tool

With the help of the Pinterest Trends Tool, you can not only research specific search terms. It is also possible to be inspired by the rising trends of the week and trends from the most popular categories of fashion, food and drinks, beauty, home decor and travel. In this way, it is possible to conduct simple keyword research and promote targeted topics that expect to trend upwards.

Pinterest Predicts

If you are interested in future trends, Pinterest can also help here. In December 2020, Pinterest published a report for the first time. This predicts which 30 trends are likely to stand out in the coming year. A few months later, in September 2021, the platform then announced that they were correct with 80% of the predicted trends, because the specified topics were asked for much more frequently on the platform. In the current report from 2022, for example, topics such as curve design or glitter shine are identified. These overarching themes are then broken down further, for example, a global increase of +170% is expected for the trend search term “ideas for round pools” in curve design. For Germany, search terms such as “round wall shelf” are in vogue. Another, useful function in this report is that you can filter by target group, i.e. generations, and category. Each generation also includes a brief explanation of which trends will be most relevant. This helps content creators show more relevant and successful ads using those targeted search terms.


With the help of Pinterest’s Trends Tool and Predicts Report, it is possible to publish targeted and relevant ads. Thanks to Pinterest trends, you can see when a term is particularly in demand each year. This makes it a good way to find out what customers want and when they want them. Pinterest Predict provides concrete predictions as to which search terms and topics could be of interest in the coming year.
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