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Don’t you have a Prime membership? Or are you not using the FBA option? And because of this you can’t seem to win the Buy Box? Dear Amazon seller, please pay extra attention to the next pleasant news. Especially for independent sellers, the European Commission, through various investigations, managed to make Amazon give other sellers equal opportunities through means of a second Buy Box.


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A second Buy Box? What’s the difference?

As claimed by the European Commission, Amazon has been using the non-public business data of independent sellers for its own retail operations in a “systematic” manner. Additionally, according to the European Commission, Amazon’s retail business or sellers using Amazon’s delivery services currently receive preferential treatment under the criteria it uses to choose featured sellers for its “Buy Box” tool and allow sellers to offer products to members of its Prime membership program.
As a result, Amazon has been the target of three years of antitrust investigations by the European Commission. These accusations refer to Amazon’s dual function as a marketplace and a rival to sellers using its platform.
An extra buy box, which will be presented in a better way.
To prevent the threat of harsh competition fines, Amazon has committed to develop a “Second Buy Box”. This extra buy box, which will be presented in a better way, is for the second offer that differs from the first in terms of price or delivery, as well as to permit Prime sellers to use any carrier for their logistics or delivery services.

When can I expect these changes?

The Second Buy Box is scheduled to launch in June 2023. All of its European markets, with the exception of Italy, will be subject to the Second Buy Box. With Italy’s competition regulator, Amazon has agreed separate legal remedies relating to the Buy Box and Prime. The new rules will increase the number of choices and opportunities available to independent retailers, carriers and European customers.
The modifications must be made by Amazon by June 2023 and will be in effect for five to seven years after that. Amazon is reportedly appeasing the European Commission by introducing a Second Buy Box, according to CNBC. In the event that Amazon was found guilty of the “Antitrust Investigations,” they would be required to forfeit up to 10% of their yearly global income. This can still happen, if Amazon violates the agreements, this might still occur.

What do I have to pay extra attention to?

Amazon has agreed to prominently show a second competing offer in a Second Buy Box

Although intriguing, it is not yet obvious what possibilities it offers or what particular conditions and measurements will be applied. What is known is that Amazon has agreed to prominently show a second competing offer in a Second Buy Box to its European customers, providing the second offer is “significantly different” from the initial offer in the first Buy Box. The primary Buy Box displays the second offer, i.e. the offer from the second Buy Box, when a user selects it.
With this Amazon is making an effort to level the playing field for sellers in a similar fashion to the EU Commission judgment and its commitment to never again meddle with private seller data.

How can I win the second Buy Box?

As indicated earlier, it is still unclear what the exact requirements will be, however, we can conclude that you, as a seller, need to ensure that your product and/or account works optimally as far as the following points are concerned:

  1. You must have a professional seller account.
  2. Your individual products must have “Eligible” status. You can find this in “Inventory Manager”.
  3. Make sure you have enough stock.
  4. Offer competitive prices.
  5. Sell products in new condition. Used products are not eligible for the Buy Box.
  6. Ensure good account health, this includes maintaining positive seller feedback.

For more tips, you can find further information in our other blog: Sell successfully without Amazon Buybox.

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