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The development of the internet and mobile technology enables businesses and customers to benefit from a wide range of sales opportunities. Thus, online shopping has also significantly changed the way people shop. With the introduction of “live shopping”, companies are going one step further. With live shopping, it is possible for customers to buy products or services via an interactive live stream over the internet. On the company side, products or services are offered at such events, questions from viewers are answered and discounts or coupons are offered for certain items that are available during the event. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about the principles and advantages of live shopping, from both the customer and the company side.

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The developments of online shopping

As the world continues to change, so do the ways we shop. Live shopping is a new form of shopping that is becoming increasingly popular and is now spreading to online shopping. This new form of shopping has evolved tremendously in recent years and it is now easier than ever for businesses to get involved and for potential customers to take advantage of the savings this form of shopping brings. In this article, we look at the developments that have taken place in online live shopping and how it can be used by online marketers to get their products out there.

What is online live shopping?

Live shopping is a way to purchase products or services through an interactive live broadcast over the Internet. Live shopping events usually have a host who talks about products or services during the broadcast, answers questions from viewers, and offers discounts or coupons for certain items available during the event. The purpose of such an event is to provide potential customers with a unique experience that encourages them to purchase items that may be out of stock elsewhere or not currently available on other platforms.

Benefits for online marketers

Online marketers can use live shopping events as a powerful tool to promote their products and services. Not only does it allow them to showcase their wares to potential customers, but it also gives them an instant feedback loop where they can gauge customer interest in real-time and make adjustments accordingly. In addition, these events are often free to attend, making them extremely cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods such as television commercials or radio spots. In addition, through discussions with viewers at these events, marketers can create further brand awareness while building relationships with potential customers.

Social media as a catalyst for Liveshopping events

Social media has become an integral part of modern life, which means there is now even more potential for online live shopping success thanks to its massive reach across all age groups and locations around the world. Social media marketing campaigns – such as Facebook Ads – allow companies to target specific audiences based on geographic location, age groups, interests, etc., enabling them to reach people who might not otherwise be able to reach them through traditional means such as television commercials or billboards. /printed matter would have come into contact with their product or service. These campaigns also allow businesses to easily set up dedicated pages for their live shopping events, increasing visibility for both parties; presenters/hosts get more exposure while viewers get another platform where they can find information about upcoming shows and make purchases if they wish without having to leave social media sites like Facebook or Twitter etc. TikTok has launched “TikTok Shop” in Asia and parts of Europe, a feature that enables live shopping. Whether this will also be launched in the US and whether it can be a success remains to be seen.

Mobile technology and the future of life-shopping events

With mobile technology improving day by day, it is no surprise that smartphones are fast becoming one of the most popular devices people use all over the world to access websites/apps, etc. This means companies now have yet another way to promote their live shopping events through dedicated apps where users can receive notifications about upcoming shows just before they start, plus access to exclusive offers not available anywhere else via desktop computers etc. apps easy access (no additional login required), making payment processes much smoother, while businesses can also track user trends in real-time so they know what content or products work best when trying to reach a particular demographic, etc All of these points together highlight how important mobile technology has become in discussing future trends specifically related to life-shopping events; something we’re likely to see more of in the coming years, especially as 5G networks roll out in many countries around the world and offer faster internet speeds, meaning people will be able to stream these streams no matter where they are.


It should be clear how much online shopping has developed since the early 2000s. Both technologically and promotionally, and because everyone experiences all the benefits of buying goods/services directly from the source, instead of going to go to the store/market. In addition, advancements in mobile technology combined with social media allow marketers to promote upcoming events on those same platforms, creating opportunities to engage large numbers of consumers almost immediately, rather than waiting weeks for traditional marketing methods.

In Germany, other parties such as Douglas and Galeria Kaufhof have also conducted several successful tests with online live shopping. But on the other hand, Facebook has already done away with live shopping and Instagram has now also announced that it will stop live shopping. The future will tell whether live shopping can take its place as a sales channel. It is true that new platforms such as TikTok can make live shopping more accessible and, if it wants, can dominately promote live shopping.

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