Successful selling on Galaxus: The most important tips & strategies for traders

Nakoa.Digital – Successful selling on Galaxus: The most important tips & strategies for traders

The e-commerce market is booming and you may be looking for new ways to sell your products online. One platform that has gained a lot of importance in recent years is Galaxus. As a subsidiary of Digitec Galaxus AG, the largest online retailer in Switzerland, Galaxus has also established itself on the German market and offers you as a retailer an attractive opportunity to present and sell your products. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some tips and strategies on how to sell successfully on Galaxus.

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Galaxus – Optimisation of the sales strategy

To sell successfully on the Digitec Galaxus marketplace, you need a well thought-out strategy. In this guide, we will show you important steps to optimise your presence and increase your sales figures on Galaxus. Let’s dive into the world of Galaxus optimisation.

Tip 1: Keyword research and optimisation

The fundamental basis for a successful SEO strategy is keyword research. Find the most relevant keywords related to your products or services and carefully integrate them into your product descriptions and titles. This will help you to be found better in the Galaxus search results.

Tip 2: Create appealing product descriptions

Your product descriptions should not only be informative, but also engaging. Make sure you provide all the important information a customer needs to make an informed purchase decision. Use clear and compelling language to highlight the benefits of your products.

Tip 3: High-quality images and videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Make sure you upload high-quality images of your products that show them at their best. If necessary, supplement these images with videos to appeal even more to potential customers.

Tip 4: Pricing and competitiveness

The right pricing is crucial. Research your competitors’ prices on Digitec Galaxus and adjust your prices accordingly. A competitive price can increase the likelihood that customers will buy from you.

Tip 5: Customer reviews and feedback

Customers’ opinions play an important role. Ask your customers for reviews and feedback on your products. Positive reviews can boost the confidence of potential customers and increase your chances of selling.

Tip 6: Social media integration

Use the power of social media to promote your Galaxus presence. Share your Galaxus listings on your social media platforms to gain more visibility and attract potential customers.


Galaxus offers a wealth of opportunities for online sellers to succeed. By following these steps, you can optimise your presence on Galaxus and increase your sales. Don’t forget to regularly check your stats and adjust your strategy if necessary. With the right approach, Galaxus can become an important sales channel for your business.

Galaxus – Tips for sellers

What should you look out for if you want to sell products via the Galaxus marketplace in Germany? In this guide we give you tips for a successful listing:

Tip 1: High-quality product data is crucial

One of the most important things you should consider is the quality of your product data. Your customers expect clear and detailed information about the products they want to buy. Make sure your product data is complete and accurate. This includes information such as product descriptions, images, prices, EAN codes, weight and country of origin. The better your product data, the more likely it is that customers will choose your product.

Tip 2: Use fully automated interface

Galaxus offers you the option of connecting via an interface such as ChannelEngine, Channable or Tradebyte. A fully automated interface allows you to manage your product data and orders efficiently. This minimises manual tasks and reduces the risk of errors. Make sure your interface is well configured and working smoothly to increase the efficiency of your sales processes.

Tip 3: Focus on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of a successful sale on Galaxus. Make sure you respond to customer queries and feedback promptly. Galaxus usually expects feedback within 24 hours. The faster you respond to customer queries, the more positive your retailer rating will be.

Tip 4: Take advantage of marketing opportunities

Galaxus offers you various retail media & marketing opportunities to promote your products. Even if you sell under your own name and branding, you can benefit from Galaxus marketing services. Your product can be placed in personalised newsletters or used in marketing campaigns. This increases the visibility of your products and can lead to higher sales.

Tip 5: Pay attention to price competence

While you retain pricing sovereignty as a trader, you should make sure to offer competitive prices. Customers often compare prices on different platforms, and competitive prices can increase your chances of selling. Also, be aware of Galaxus’ fee structure and calculate your prices accordingly.

Tip 6: Offer a variety of payment options

Providing different payment options for your customers is important to make the buying process as convenient as possible. Galaxus offers a variety of payment options, and you should ensure that your customers have the option to pay conveniently.

Tip 7: Keep an eye on stock levels

The stock level per product is transmitted via the “StockPricing” document. Make sure your stock levels are up to date to avoid delivery delays. If a product is no longer available, you should remove it from all files.

Tip 8: Pay attention to delivery accuracy

Galaxus places great importance on the accuracy of deliveries from retailers. You should make sure that your deliveries are on time and reliable. Galaxus regularly checks the delivery accuracy and informs you if it falls below the minimum value. Repeated violations may result in adjustments to the delivery time or even exclusion from the merchant programme.

Tip 9: Profit from the community

Galaxus is not only a marketplace, but also an active community. Get involved in the community, answer customer questions and take part in discussions. This can help to strengthen your reputation as a retailer and gain the trust of customers.


Galaxus offers you as a retailer an attractive platform to successfully sell your products. With high-quality product data, efficient processes and excellent customer service, you can build a strong presence on Galaxus and increase your sales. Follow these tips and strategies to maximise your chances of success on Galaxus and benefit from the growing opportunities in e-commerce.

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