Successful launch of new nutritional supplements brand on Amazon

Nakoa.Digital – Successful launch of new nutritional supplements brand on Amazon

Wondering how to make your products best sellers on Amazon when you’re in a highly competitive product segment? We’ll show you how we did it in the nutritional supplements segment!

In addition to our main goal and strategy, we explain what we paid attention to during setup and what optimizations we made. Finally, we summarize our collected findings in a compact way.

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Main objective:

Our main goal was to position the brand as the leading choice in the Vitamin D3 / K2, MSM and Hyaluron categories. We wanted to take a traditional healthcare product manufacturer to the forefront of direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution, revolutionize the healthcare industry, and create a brand that would transcend the limitations of traditional distribution structures. To accomplish this, we leveraged our extensive market experience and implemented best practices on Amazon.

Potential challenges:

  • Budget constraints compared to strong competitors.
  • Completely new brand and products, all customers had to be newly acquired.
  • Highly competitive categories with high CPCs.
  • Strong focus on traditional offline pharma sales channels.
  • Traditionally older target audience, with this brand focusing on younger people.


Our strategy involved tracking and optimizing various aspects of the marketing funnel to drive traffic to Amazon. We used Amazon Attribution to evaluate and improve the performance of external traffic sources. Through a rapid test and learn approach, we continually identified new trends and adjusted key elements to maximize our success.


  • Sponsored Ads Media Mix of Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Display Ads and Sponsored Brand Video Ads, taking advantage of most of the available placements on Amazon.
  • External traffic via email, website, PPC and paid social ads with a focus on selling on Amazon


During the campaign, focus was placed on optimizing campaign budgets, and a multi-channel approach was taken that aligned with performance goals and customer acquisition cost goals. The use of Amazon Vine and the implementation of proven content strategies ensured that the campaign was ready to go quickly. Targeting measures applied included category, keyword and competitor analytics.


Insights played a critical role in defining, implementing and modifying the strategy. Using Amazon Attribution, we were able to measure our success in external channels such as social ads, Google Ads, email, and the website.
This data allowed us to effectively adjust the advertising budget. In addition, insights from the Ads Overview led us to prioritize certain campaign types, as Sponsored Brand Video Ads and Sponsored Product Ads performed better than Sponsored Brand Ads and Sponsored Display Ads.

Success / Results:

Impressive results were achieved for the brand during the campaign. A top 10 best-selling position for Vitamin D3/K2 was achieved, with the best performance coming in July 2022, when a top 7 position was achieved in the multivitamin category. Similarly, a top-10 best-seller position was achieved for MSM, with a top-7 position in the MSM category achieved in August 2022. For hyaluronic acid, a top-20 bestseller rank was achieved, with the best performance coming in July 2022, when the top-12 position was achieved in the hyaluronic acid category.


We will use the results from this campaign to replicate and scale success for future campaigns.
You too can introduce more products using a similar approach based on the valuable insights gained. This will include broad targeting across multiple campaign types, allowing you to maximize visibility and reach. You can also use Amazon attribution to measure the effectiveness of your external campaigns and evaluate their impact on overall success.

By applying these strategies and insights, you can achieve similar or even greater success in future campaigns, rank prominently in relevant categories on Amazon, and increase sales.
Stay tuned for more exciting insights and useful information that will help you successfully launch, showcase your products and maximize your conversions.

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