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Do you sell fashion, home textiles, shoes and toys and your target group is young families? Then limango could be the perfect marketplace for you. We’ll explain to you what’s important at limango and how you can successfully sell online on the marketplace. Do you have questions or need support selling on limango? We will be happy to help you! Simply arrange a non-binding consultation and ask us your questions!

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Short description about limango

The company limango, based in Munich, is the leading shopping platform for young families. Meanwhile, the company, which belongs to the Otto Group, has over 1.9 million active Kund:innen. limango offers with over 3,000 brands a wide selection in numerous categories, for the family. Whether it is fashion, home textiles, shoes for children or adults, toys, beauty or decorative items for the home or even technology – limango should be the first choice for a connection if the target group family is to be reached. Over 2. million newsletter subscribers receive daily notifications of attractive promotions – every 5th family has already shopped on limango.

In the beginning, the company started with the closed online store and built up a loyal community within a very short time as a private shopping platform. In 2017, the limango marketplace was created, whereby an even larger and, above all, more permanent assortment in all family-relevant categories is offered in the open store. The main aim here is to meet the needs of end customers – because the needs of the target group are always the focus. In the promotions area, users receive selected offers from top brands on a daily basis. The action business is also accessible to the marketplace partners and a lucrative opportunity to increase visibility, brand awareness and performance or specifically strengthen their own sales & sales phases.

Why limango?

limango offers partners access to a large number of active and loyal customers. Each partner receives individual support and advice from an assigned, category-specific partner manager in order to plan targeted advertising campaigns and achieve their own marketplace goals, among other things. The limango partner management team is available at all times for individual consultations on questions, comments or optimization of the product range: Together, in partnership & at eye level to success!

To enable the partner to focus fully on its core business, limango takes care of customer service in addition to payment management and offers a variety of marketing measures to generate more traffic and thus sales. Other special features are the partnership-based sales commissions and that there are no other ongoing costs. limango is a curated marketplace where there is no price war between merchants. (If you would like more info or specific offers, the sales team will be happy to hear from you:

Retail Media at limango

To push brand promotions, but also to increase the visibility of the assortment in the open store independently of promotion placements, limango offers various retail media measures along the entire customer journey (including newsletter placements, Social Media, Display Advertising Onsite). limango`s recommendation here is always to drive a combination of branding and performance measures in order to generate short-term sales uplifts on the one hand and to achieve a high level of “basic traffic noise” to the range of products on the other. The booking, evaluation and optimization of appropriate measures is done through and in close cooperation with limango`s Retail Media Team (contact for more info gladly via

Prerequisites and process of integration

Selling on the limango marketplace is simple and fair. Each interested party fills out the partner program form and the required info is submitted to limango. Afterwards, the partner management will get in touch to discuss all further steps.

The possibilities for technical integration are many – whether via a software interface of a middleware service, such as Tradebyte, plentymarkets or via a direct connection, for example via CSV or XML. We will find a solution together, for an automated and scalable connection type!


Limango partners do not pay a basic monthly fee, unlike most marketplaces. Only after successful sale of the product follows the settlement, according to a commission-driven model. The amount of the sales commission varies by category and is market standard.


limango is a leading shopping platform for young families with over 1.9 million active customers and offers a wide selection of products in numerous categories. The company offers partners individual support as well as various retail media measures along the entire customer journey. Limango partners do not pay a basic monthly fee and the sales commission varies by category.

We think limango is the perfect marketplace if your business offers products in fashion, home textiles, shoes, toys, beauty and technology, especially for young families.

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