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Who hasn’t heard of MediaMarkt or Saturn? MediaMarkt Saturn is Europe‘s largest advertising platform for consumer electronics and household appliances. Represented in over 13 countries worldwide and with a product range of over 410’000 products, working with this retail giant offers numerous opportunities to sell successfully on the platform as a seller.

MediaMarkt Saturn offers a variety of valuable solutions in order to clearly present and market your products and brand. In this article, we will therefore take a look at how you too can use the opportunity to sell successfully via the platform and how you can benefit from the numerous advantages of the electronics giant.

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MediaMarkt Saturn fact check & what makes the giant tick

MediaMarkt Saturn is a well-known brand for consumer electronics and household appliances and has made a name for itself as a trustworthy supplier of quality products. With a strong presence in Germany and other European countries, it attracts a huge audience looking for the latest technological advances. This can also be clearly seen in the turnover. With over 23 million shop visits per month, the platform has so far achieved a turnover of over 21 billion euros.

How is this possible? Through the omnichannel approach! MediaMarkt Saturn owes a total of about 23% of its sales to shoppers who shop locally. However, what is interesting for us are the customers who buy products via the online shop, or both online and offline. These customers account for a total of 77 % of the advertising platform’s turnover. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how you as a retailer can profit from these circumstances.

What opportunities do you have as a seller at MediaMarkt Saturn?

MediaMarkt Saturn combines the best of two worlds with its online and offline approach. At Nakoa, we’re here to help you make the most of this omnichannel approach. As a seller, you can benefit from a 360° marketing approach that provides you with data-driven advertising opportunities that are 100% measurable.

Thanks to our marketing experts, you can use Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads to successfully market your products. In addition, the platform offers the possibility to create A+ content to present your products and brand more vividly. To measure the success of your marketing efforts, we support you in evaluating the given consideration & action reports to assess and adjust your marketing strategy and to increase your sales.

Sponsored Product Ads – Targeted advertising for your product

At Nakoa, we can help you create successful Sponsored Product Ads for your products and display them on the MediaMarkt Saturn advertising platform. This type of advertising allows you to target specific products and have them appear prominently on MediaMarkt Saturn’s search results and product pages. This targeted advertising increases the visibility of your products and attracts potential buyers. This way, you as a seller can increase your reach and present your products to the broad audience of the consumer electronics giant.

Sponsored Brand Ads – increase your brand awareness in a targeted way

As with Amazon, Media Markt Saturn offers you the opportunity to set up Sponsored Brand Ads for your brand and products. These ads allow you to present your brands and products prominently on MediaMarkt Saturn. The aim of our marketing experts is to catapult your ads to the top positions of the search results pages and thereby increase the recognition value of your brand. They help you to increase your brand awareness and strengthen the trust of your customers.

A+ content for a convincing product presentation

MediaMarkt Saturn also has a lot to offer in terms of content. For example, the platform offers the possibility of presenting your products in great detail by creating A+ content. Our content experts are happy to help you optimise your product pages with appealing and informative content and increase your traffic. By integrating text, images, comparison tables and videos, customers get a comprehensive picture of your products. This improves the visibility and credibility of your offers and can also increase customer confidence in your products.

Consideration & action reports – important insights into your promotions

We have now covered what the MadiaMarkt Saturn advertising platform can do for you to market your products. But in the end, nothing is more important than tracking the success of these measures and adjusting your marketing strategy if necessary. The marketplace also offers a practical solution for this.

MediaMarkt Saturn provides valuable consideration and action reports that allow you to gain vast amounts of data and insights into the performance of your advertising campaigns and sales on the platform. Our experts at Nakoa can help you evaluate the success of your marketing strategies, identify areas for optimisation and, if necessary, adjust your strategy to make ads more effective. By constantly adjusting your budget, you can thus achieve better results.


MediaMarkt Saturn offers sellers a first-class platform to present their products to a broad audience and to sell successfully. The use of A+ content, Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads as well as consideration and action reports offers you as a seller an ocean of possibilities to position and market your brand and products in an appealing way. If you are active as a seller on MediaMarkt Saturn, you can also benefit from the platform’s strong market position and large customer base to successfully assert yourself in the world of e-commerce. Do you need support selling on MediaMarkt Saturn? Then contact our Head of Retail Media to discuss how to proceed with your marketing goals.

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