Selling on cDiscount: what are the requirements?

Nakoa.Digital – Selling on cDiscount: what are the requirements?

Did you know that Cdiscount is the largest online store in France? It started as a discount retailer on the internet and now has a whopping 10.2 million active customers! They even have 2 million subscribers to their special service called “Cdiscount à Volonté.” Every month, over 23 million people visit their website to shop for all kinds of things.

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Cdiscount is especially famous for selling electronics and tech products at great prices. If you love technology and want to find good deals, this is the place to be! They have a massive warehouse space of 540,000 square meters to store all the products they sell.

Easy registration

Now, if you’re interested in selling your products on Cdiscount, don’t worry, it’s not complicated. First, you need to apply to become a seller, but there are no fees for registration or listing your items. However, there is a monthly cost of €39.99 for sellers, but you can cancel anytime if you change your mind. The commission you pay to Cdiscount depends on the category of your products, ranging from 5% to 20%. Don’t worry about payments; Cdiscount handles that for you and sends the money to you every ten days in Euros. To get started, all you have to do is fill out a registration form and provide the necessary documents they ask for.

Product listing options

When it comes to listing your products on Cdiscount, they offer different options to make it easy for you. You can use their API, upload a CSV file, use their listing tools or work with one of our marketplace integration partners. They also have partnerships with many software providers in the industry, making it even more convenient for you to manage your inventory and orders.

Delivery options at Cdiscount

You can either handle the shipping and tracking yourself, use Cdiscount’s Octopia fulfillment service or work with a 3rd party fulfillment. This service takes care of storing, wrapping, and shipping your products, as well as managing returns and customer relations. They even have 22,000 pickup points all over France where customers can collect their orders.

Cdiscount Ads

If you want your listings to stand out, you can try using Cdiscount Ads, which help increase traffic to your products and boost customer loyalty. They also offer premium subscriptions that provide additional benefits like more data, logistics discounts, and even an account manager to help you grow your business.

Why France?

If you’re considering selling in France, Cdiscount is definitely worth considering. It’s a highly popular website with a dedicated customer base and strong brand recognition. Plus, there are very few international sellers on Cdiscount, so you have a chance to outshine your competition. The entry requirements are not strict, and the costs are reasonable. Just keep in mind that you’ll need someone on your team who can handle French listings and customer service, but that shouldn’t be a big problem to overcome as you can work with us as well.

So, why not give Cdiscount a shot? It could be a fantastic opportunity for your online business!

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