Top Sales Tips for EU Companies on German Marketplaces

Nakoa.Digital – Top Sales Tips for EU Companies on German Marketplaces

E-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years and German online marketplaces take on a significant role., and in particular have established themselves as leading platforms and offer companies from other EU countries, such as the Netherlands, a promising opportunity to make their products available to a broad German audience. But how do you succeed in selling on these marketplaces? In this article, we highlight the opportunities, prerequisites, fulfillment options and marketing options that companies should consider.

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Opportunities on the marketplaces

The German marketplaces, and offer companies from other EU countries a unique opportunity to enter the German market and address a broad customer base. With millions of potential buyers searching for products on these platforms every day, companies can significantly increase their reach. These marketplaces are already firmly established and enjoy the trust of German buyers, which is an important advantage for foreign companies in particular.

Requirements for the sale on the respective marketplace

Before companies from other EU countries can sell on, or, certain requirements must be met:

  • Possession of a business email address or Amazon customer account.
  • Availability of a chargeable credit card.
  • Presence of a valid passport or identity card.
  • Provision of company registration data including VAT.
  • Presence of a telephone number.
  • Existence of a bank account to which Amazon can transfer sales revenue.

  • Operation of a company in Germany with German legal form and tax ID.
  • Provision of German-speaking customer service.
  • Shipping from a German warehouse.
  • Offer products with a VAT rate of 19%.
  • Use of one of the following shipping service providers: DHL, GLS or Hermes.
  • Possibility to provide a tracking number for parcel delivery.

  • Headquarters of the company in the European Union (EU) or Switzerland.
  • Only established companies are accepted.
  • Communication and product information in German.
  • Adhere to strict cancellation policies to avoid penalties.

Fulfillment opportunities

Choosing the right fulfillment model is critical to meeting customer needs and ensuring an efficient supply chain. Amazon offers the option to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA offers benefits such as the Prime logo and less extra work in logistics, but requires additional fees. and also offer various order processing options, however a centralized product, price and returns management across all marketplaces can be beneficial.

Marketing opportunities in the marketplaces

The German marketplaces,, and offer companies from other EU countries such as the Netherlands various marketing opportunities to successfully promote their products. Amazon enables a full-funnel advertising strategy along the entire customer journey with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and the Amazon DSP. Kaufland and Otto also offer Sponsored Product Ads, Display Ads and the option of individual brand presentation in their own Brand Shop. In addition, and also offer various offsite advertising measures.

These diverse options enable companies to develop targeted marketing strategies and optimize their presence and sales on the German marketplaces.


Selling on German marketplaces such as, and offers companies from other EU countries, especially the Netherlands, an excellent opportunity to establish their presence in the German market and increase their sales. However, the many opportunities on these platforms are accompanied by the right preparations and strategies. Successful selling requires meeting specific prerequisites, a well-thought-out fulfillment strategy and skillful use of marketing opportunities. Companies that carefully address these aspects can successfully establish their brand and products on German marketplaces and benefit from a growing customer base.

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