Marketing and sales potential on ManoMano

Nakoa.Digital – Marketing and sales potential on ManoMano

ManoMano is the online marketplace for all DIY and garden lovers! ManoMano attracts a specific DIY target group that loves DIY, renovation and gardening. This means you can showcase your products directly to this ready-to-buy audience, resulting in higher conversion and more relevant customers. But when should you consider ManoMano and how can you benefit from it?

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Target group and niche

ManoMano targets a specific DIY audience that has a passion for DIY, renovation and gardening. If your brand offers products in these areas, ManoMano is the ideal marketplace to score directly in front of your target audience. It is always easier to sell products when customers are already searching for them. This allows for a higher conversion rate and more relevant customer relationships.

Wider reach

Being on ManoMano opens the door to a broad customer base that you might not be able to reach through other sales channels. This means you expand your reach and have the opportunity to attract new customers. Do-it-yourselfers and garden enthusiasts from different regions can discover and buy your products.

Trust and credibility

ManoMano has an excellent reputation in the DIY and gardening industry. By listing your products on this marketplace, you can benefit from this positive image. Customers who trust ManoMano will also trust your brand when they see your products there. This can help you to gain the trust of new customer groups.

Marketing and visibility

ManoMano actively invests in marketing activities to promote the marketplace and attract customers. As a seller on ManoMano you can benefit from these marketing efforts without having to increase your own advertising budget. Your products become part of a targeted marketing campaign that increases your visibility and attracts customers to you.

Sales tools

ManoMano offers a variety of tools and features to help you manage sales and inventory. These tools make it much easier to process orders and deal with customer enquiries. This helps to keep your sales processes running smoothly and your customers happy.


On ManoMano you can often present your products in combination with other relevant products. This enables positive cross-selling effects. For example, if a customer buys a lawn mower, you can also offer him matching accessories such as lawn seeds or garden tools. This will increase the average basket value and increase your sales


ManoMano is already present in several countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This gives you the opportunity to sell across national borders and expand your international presence. You can reach customers in different countries and offer your products worldwide.

Launch on ManoMano

ManoMano offers e-commerce companies the opportunity to present DIY and garden products to a specific target group. But what is the best way to be successful on ManoMano?

  • Step 1 – Strategy on ManoMano
    Whether you want to focus on a specific niche or pursue a quality strategy, our marketplace team at Nakoa Digital | Scaling Marketplaces can help you choose and develop a tailored product and marketplace strategy. A clear strategy is crucial to succeed on ManoMano.
  • Step 2 – Setup & Integration on ManoMano
    Integration on ManoMano can be done via the API or an integration partner such as ChannelEngine. It is important to ensure a smooth integration so that your products can be presented in the best possible way on the marketplace.
  • Step 3 – ManoMano Fulfillment
    ManoMano even offers its own fulfilment programme that can help you manage the logistics and shipping of your products efficiently. This takes the pressure off you and keeps your customers happy.
  • Step 4 – SEO & Content on ManoMano
    Search engine optimisation (SEO) and content optimisation are crucial to maximise your visibility and reach on ManoMano. You should ensure that your product pages are optimised to rank well in search results. Furthermore, engaging and informative content is important to attract customers.
  • Step 5 – Retail Media
    We can develop your appropriate marketing strategy to increase your sales. This can be done through sponsored products, onsite display ads or offsite campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and others. A targeted marketing strategy will help maximise your presence on ManoMano and generate more sales.


ManoMano offers companies in the DIY sector an excellent opportunity to present DIY and garden products to a specific target group. With the right strategy, integration and marketing efforts, you can succeed in this emerging marketplace and benefit from the many advantages it offers. If your brand offers products for DIY and gardening enthusiasts, it’s time to put ManoMano on your radar and take advantage of the opportunities this marketplace offers.

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