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Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important priority for companies’ advertising campaigns. Google, in particular, plays a very large role in this. Google has recently expanded its repertoire and now also offers the placement of ads in the real world. This is easily done with Digital Out-Of-Home (DooH) ads.

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What are DooH ads?

Digital Out-Of-Home (DooH) ads can be a great addition to other social ads. Traditional outdoor advertising “Out-Of-Home” is combined with digital aspects. This means ads are displayed on public screens and digital billboards, for example. Recently, it is now possible to publish these ads through the Google Marketing Platform, as Google has partnered with some providers such as Vistar Media and thus gaining access to the screens of major media owners such as JCDecaux or Ströer.

Advantages of DooH ads

The biggest advantage of DooH ads is that they combine the benefits of traditional OOH ads, such as the captivating formats, with the effectiveness of digital opportunities. Many of the targeting options of display ads, for example, can be applied to DooH ads. At the same time, these ads will not be interfered with by ad blockers or skipped and closed by users. Moreover, thanks to Google, they can be conveniently edited together with other advertising media on one platform via Display & Video 360. Another advantage is the flexibility that DooH ads bring. Depending on the broadcast location, for example, small differences can be applied to the creatives.

Are there also disadvantages of DooH ads?

Of course, DooH ads also bring some difficulties. For one thing, the use of creatives is a bit more complicated: a separate format is needed per ad booking, creatives could be restricted because the ad is broadcast to many users and thus sensitive content cannot be used, and creatives cannot be edited without rechecking the ad. However, re-verification and delivery of the ad can take an average of 24 hours. Another difficulty is measuring performance. Since the broadcast does not happen via Google directly, but is forwarded to a provider, the usual user-specific data is also not available. Instead, providers supply summarized impression multipliers for each screen.

Do DooH ads work?

A successful example can be seen with the online fashion retailer ASOS. The company used Display & Video 360 to easily and quickly select digital billboards through Intersection in the US and JCDecaux in the UK. Thanks to Google, everything could be bought, published and measured on a single platform. The goal of the campaign was to improve exposure for the brand. This goal was also met, as 22 million impressions were generated with the help of hundreds of digital billboards.


DooH ads, as you can see, can be a good addition to other advertising measures, especially to generate stronger brand awareness and a wider reach. Especially the fact that all campaigns can be created comfortably via the well-known Google platform brings many advantages and is convenient to use. We are looking forward to test these new possibilities and to generate an even better performance for our customers.
Do you need support or would you like to leave the online marketing of your company in professional hands? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! At Nakoa Digital we are performance marketing and retail media experts. We are happy to help you strategically move your online marketing forward! You can easily book a no-obligation consultation and ask us your question
Do you need support or would you like to leave the online marketing of your company in professional hands? We are glad to help you! Simply arrange a non-binding consultation and ask us your questions!

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