Instagram Ads Strategy in 2022

Nakoa.Digital – Instagram Ads Strategy in 2022

Statista reports that in early 2021, marketers were asked which social platform was the most important for their business. Here, Instagram came in second with 22%, right after Facebook. According to Statista, 64% of the marketers surveyed plan to turn away from Facebook and instead expand organic posts on Instagram. So you can see that Instagram’s popularity is still increasing. The number of Instagram users continues to grow. In April 2022, Instagram already had 1.452 billion global users. This means that approximately 18.3% of the global population can be reached with the help of the Instagram platform. In Germany alone, Instagram reached 29.85 million users in January 2022.


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Useful demographic data for Instagram

In order to develop a strategy for Instagram Ads, it is useful to know what kind of target group is on Instagram. Statista provides helpful data on this:
The gender distribution of the users is quite balanced with 49.3% female and 50.7% male users. Also, more than 70% of users are between 13 and 35 years old. The largest age group is between 25 and 34 years with 14.6% female and 17.1% male users. Below you can see the distribution of global Instagram users in April 2022, sorted by age and gender:

Nakoa.Digital – Instagram Ads Strategy in 2022

Steps of strategy finding on Instagram/strong>

With the following steps, you will surely succeed in finding a successful Instagram strategy for your business.

  1. Define your goals
  2. Recognize your target audience
  3. Choose the right pictures
  4. Analyze the results

Define your goals for Instagram

The first step in developing a strategy is knowing what your Instagram marketing goals are. It makes a difference whether you prefer to increase your brand awareness, generate more clicks on your website or sell a certain product more often. As soon as you have thought about this, you will be able to insert better and, above all, more suitable text and images in your ad. Also, be aware that Instagram is mostly used on mobile devices. Accordingly, the ad, including the landing page, should also be designed for mobile users.

Recognize your Instagram audience

Try to be as specific as possible when choosing your target audience. Otherwise it can happen that your engagement and CTR are too low. In the beginning it is always useful to focus on existing customers and those who have similar interests. You can also create different ad groups or campaigns, each with different audiences and ads. This allows you to address your audience as individually and personally as possible. For example, you can show potential customers the latest products or bestsellers, while customers who have recently made a purchase can be attracted to similar products.

Choose the right pictures for your Instagram account

Would you like to show a product collection? Then use a carousel, otherwise a single image or video is often the best option.
In contrast to Facebook posts, the focus here should be on the product. (In the case of Facebook, the advantage of the product or how it is used in everyday life should be shown.) In addition, the text on the pictures should be kept as small as possible. Important text content can be inserted in the headline and description of the ad. Of course, the image should also be of high quality and high resolution so that it catches the eye of the user. Also remember to use the correct format.
Are you unsure what kind of post to publish? Here are a few ideas:

  • Reels – Reels are being pushed more and more by Instagram and are a great way to get more engagement.
  • Behind the Scenes – Show your customers what it looks like in your office, shop or production.
  • Regram and User Generated Content – ​​You can repost posts from users who use your product, making them appear more authentic.
  • Tutorials and explanatory videos – Interact with your followers to strengthen your customer loyalty.
  • Videos – Normally, videos on Instagram can be as short as 60 seconds, but IGTV allows you to post longer videos

Analyze the results of the Instagram campaigns

If you see that certain posts didn’t work that well and didn’t meet your goals, simply test different images, text, etc. This will help you find out what your audience likes best. If you find that a particular type of post worked very well, then you can try to create more posts of that type.


The most important thing for a successful Instagram strategy is setting your goals. This is the only way you can perfectly tailor posts to it. Just follow our four steps of targeting, targeting, image creation and analysis and you will surely meet your goals and get the most out of Instagram.
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