Google Analytics 4 – What is changing?

Nakoa.Digital – Google Analytics 4 – What is changing?

Google has been offering its tracking tool Universal Analytics (formerly Google Analytics ) since 2012. This enables users to carry out a data traffic analysis of websites. In February 2022, Google came under criticism for a lack of data protection in Europe and both the Austrian and French data protection authorities announced that Google violated the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. That’s why Google has now launched a new version: Google Analytics 4. Here, data protection and machine learning are the absolute focus. This is intended to sustainably promote improvements in marketing ROI.


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What are the new features of Google Analytics 4?

Unlike before, the new version works both with and without cookies and no longer stores users’ IP addresses. Instead, the customer journey is tracked based on user IDs and Google signals, and long-term advertiser requests are also recognized. Since smartphone apps are being used more and more, Google is also taking this into account. Thanks to intelligent solutions, it does not matter whether the user changes devices during a purchase process and, for example, downloads a smartphone app on a desktop due to an advertisement on the Internet and then uses this to complete the purchase. Google Analytics is able to recognize this through the user IDs. If important data is lost due to data protection, Google Analytics 4 can fill the gaps in evaluations through data modeling.
Other new features that Google is integrating include new prediction metrics that predict future trends, for example. In addition, you get a better and cross-platform overview of the buying process of customers and users and Google offers an extended, wireless integration into its own advertising platforms. This optimizes campaign performance and increases marketing ROI. In addition, automatic notifications are sent when important trends are identified in the data, for example when there is higher product demand due to new customer requirements. All in all, Google Analytics 4 will replace the current Universal Analytics as the new standard application.

When will the change take place?

On July 01, 2023 it will be possible to process data in standard Universal Analytics Properties. From this point on, new data can only be edited in Google Analytics 4 Properties. However, access to old, previously processed data will still be possible at Universal Analytics at least until November 1st, 2023.

When should I act?

We recommend not waiting too long to switch. The new Google Analytics generation has been on the market since October 2020 under the previous name App + Web . The analyzes of the two programs are very different and are difficult to compare. It therefore makes sense to use both versions now. As a result, Google’s algorithms can already collect and learn valuable data. In addition, you can easily familiarize yourself with the new functions and thus ensure that all functions are still available and no data is lost.
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