What is a page view?

Page View is the number of views of a specific web page.

A request is sent to a web server and the response is a website that you then see. This is then the page view.

A page view consists of an HTML part and many embedded elements.
A page view represents the display of a web page.
So I send a request to a web server and get a web page as an answer, since I see it, that’s the page view.

Other terms for page view are: page impression, page hit and page view.

The number of page views is important for an operator of a website to be able to earn money with advertising. Just a few years ago, every action taken by a user on a homepage involved reloading an HTML page.

For example, each click on a link also generated a new HTML page that was loaded by the web browser. Nowadays it is usually no longer necessary for a new HTML page to be loaded after each action by a user.

With the term page view, it is therefore crucial that a user visits the website, but not which actions are carried out. Automatically loaded pages such as the automatic reload of a page or pop-ups and banners do not count towards the page view either.