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Nakoa.Digital – From a traditional company to an online retailer

ROY ROBSON is a traditional medium-sized company for high-quality men’s fashion that has been in existence for over 100 years. The biggest challenge for the offline retailer was to make the leap towards digitalization. Building a successful online sales channel required not only in-depth expertise, but also additional labor resources. Since online sales channels were completely new to ROY ROBSON, there was an initial lack of very basic knowledge about the technical functioning, attribution procedures of budgets as well as the interpretation of campaign results.


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ROY ROBSON Fashion GmbH & Co. KG is a clothing manufacturer for premium men’s fashion based in Lüneburg. Today, the company is family-run in the third generation. ROY ROBSON was founded in 1922 as Bruno Kirches Bekleidungsfabriken in Berlin and subsequently established in Lüneburg in 1944. The beginnings of production consisted of manufacturing men’s ready-made clothing (suits, jackets and dress pants); today the company is represented internationally with the additional product groups of dress shirts, ties, knitwear, jerseys and coats. As ROY ROBSON was at the very beginning of the digitization process and internally lacked both know-how and capacities, ROY ROBSON decided to cooperate with the marketplace experts from Nakoa.Digital at the beginning of 2021. As feedback on the previous collaboration between ROY ROBSON and Nakoa, we received the following response from Kira Greve, the responsible e-commerce manager at ROY ROBSON:
“I would describe Marc as part of our team. Great trust and a lot of fun connect us in the project. Nakoa is a young agency with a lot of good ideas, even beyond the scope we set. I would definitely recommend the agency and look forward to future projects!”
“[] I would definitely recommend the agency and look forward to future projects!”

Use Case

ROY ROBSON chose the online marketplace Zalando as its scaling channel. Zalando is the leading online marketplace in the fashion sector that is based in Germany with a presence in several European countries. The company offers a wide range of products, including clothing, shoes and accessories. Through the targeted promotion of its product range on Zalando, ROY ROBSON was able to achieve its ambitious growth targets via the new online channel. Nakoa.Digital took over the complete control, analysis and optimization of the marketing campaigns on Zalando. In addition to best practice strategies based on many years of experience on Zalando, Nakoa chose a “test and learn” approach. This enabled Nakoa to react quickly and performance-based and to adapt strategies if necessary to achieve the best possible results. ROY ROBSON also focused on the following questions when evaluating and analyzing the campaigns:
Which product groups can we strengthen? What are realistic sales volumes for the ROY ROBSON brand? What overall effects do we see in the brand interaction?
To effectively and efficiently increase sales on Zalando, Nakoa decided to run Co-Curated Products campaigns on Zalando. Co-curated products or sponsored products offer an excellent opportunity to achieve direct sales increases on Zalando. With this advertising format, companies can promote a selection of products in order to be placed as high as possible in the product display. In addition, Sponsored Product Ads can have a positive impact on organic sales by increasing visibility and driving more visitors to a product offering. This leads to increased brand awareness and credibility, which in turn has a positive impact on organic sales again.
In contrast to branding campaigns, which are usually billed on an impression basis, sponsored product ads are also particularly attractive, as users are specifically directed to the company’s own product detail pages and are therefore more likely to convert. Sponsored products also make it possible to determine the return on ad spend (ROAS), which is often not possible with branding measures.


In the campaign period under review, the ROAS, which was still 4.2 in week 11, was increased during the campaign to 17.3 in week 22. This corresponds to an increase of over 300%. The cost-per-click was reduced by a total of 25% in the course of the campaign to a final value of 0.49 EUR.
ROAS: 17,3 CPC: 0,49 Revenue: +30%
Ergebnis Graph: ROAS & CPC
In addition, ROY ROBSON was able to achieve a 30% increase in sales in the following months after the start of the campaigns on Zalando. Other influencing factors, such as the launch of many new items, also played an important role here. Nevertheless, a significant part of the increase in sales could be attributed to the sponsored product campaigns that were placed.
“The cooperation was a significant part of the success in the launch on Zalando and for the further development of our online assortment.”
“The cooperation was a significant part of the success in the launch on Zalando and for the further development of our online assortment.“
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