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Zalando would like to bring customers and brands closer together in the future and has introduced so-called brand homes for this purpose. In this newly created area, partner brands have the opportunity to design their brand identity individually and generate followers. But how exactly can brands use brand homes for themselves and what requirements do they have to meet for this?

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What exactly is Zalando Brand Home?

With Brand Home, partners have been able to present their brand specifically and, above all, authentically on Zalando since October 2020. You can creatively put collections and products in the foreground in order to improve the shopping experience of your customers. This not only offers the brands many advantages, but of course also Zalando itself.
First and foremost, Zalando would like to use this service to strengthen and expand its own platform. In the future, customers should get more than just a large selection of products and good service. Zalando should become a source of inspiration and a contact point for fashion questions. To achieve this, the online marketplace relies on the help of its partner brands. These should create valuable and relevant content for their brand fans in order to increase the customer experience and the length of time they spend on the platform.

What are the advantages of creating a branded store?

The partner brands also benefit greatly from the creation of a brand home. So far they could only offer their products for sale on the fashion marketplace and advertise them with the help of campaigns. Now they have an area for the presentation of their own brand and product world. Partner brands on Zalando should definitely use this option for themselves, especially since there are no additional costs for registration.

Advantages of a brand home at a glance:

  • Strengthening the organic reach on Zalando
  • Deepening the customer relationship through relevant content
  • Brand fans can follow their favorite brands and receive push notifications when there is news
  • Content is maintained via a CMS itself, so the brands have full control over the content
  • Brand Homes can be pushed through additional campaigns via Zalando Marketing Services

How can partners apply for their own brand home?

If a partner brand wants to create its own brand store, it must first apply for a Brand CMS account using a registration form. Multiple accounts for a Brand CMS are easily possible and each user receives an individual notification by email as soon as access has been set up. This can take up to 3 working days.
In addition, every brand has to meet a few requirements before they can start creating a brand home. The onboarding must be completely completed and at least 20 available articles must be listed in the Zalando Marketplace. Each user should also carefully read the content guidelines provided by Zalando in advance, as these should be strictly adhered to.

What data is available for further analysis?

In the analysis area, partner brands will find all relevant KPIs with which they can gain important information about their brand home. Traffic, clicks, views, click-through rate (CTR) or add-to-cart are clearly displayed in a dashboard. They also get deeper insights into the individual collections and the development of the followers. The content performance of your own brand can be compared, for example, with the average content performance of other brands that have selected the same target group and target market. With the help of these numbers, your own brand home can be gradually optimized in order to increase sales.

Is it worth creating a brand home on Zalando as a partner brand?

Brands that already sell their products at Zalando and have at least 20 available items in their range should definitely use the Brand Home as an additional channel to increase brand awareness. It is a direct line to your own brand fans, as the content is maintained independently and followers receive an automatic notification of news. This strengthens customer loyalty and improves the shopping experience.

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