Best practices for successful Pinterest Ad campaigns

Nakoa.Digital – Best practices for successful Pinterest Ad campaigns

Did you know that Germans are runners-up on Pinterest? A full 17 million Germans use the platform every month, putting them behind only the USA. Hardly any other country has such a high user density and reach. Topics related to fashion, nutrition, DIY and living are among the most popular areas of interest, with 4 million pins saved daily in Germany alone.

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Particularly high purchase intention of Pinterest users
The extraordinary thing about Pinterest is that users have an above-average number of direct purchase intentions and use the platform for specific searches. Thus, just under half of users have initiated a purchase through Pinterest. During the pandemic, these numbers exploded. In Germany, nearly 2 million users have joined since March 2020.
Visual search engine with potential
With a market share of around 10.4%, Pinterest is the third most successful social media site worldwide according to Statista, accessed via desktop PCs, mobile devices and gaming consoles (as of April 2021). In addition, purchases via Pinterest have increased by 37%, which continue to show a growing trend in 2021. The market potential for companies is therefore more than promising and exceeds all forecasts. Accordingly, it is advisable to look into the marketing opportunities on Pinterest.
Simple requirements for Pinterest campaigns
Since 2014, Pinterest has offered an ad manager for marketing purposes. This feature is unlocked when a business account is created. This account can also be linked to other corporate accounts, which enables collaboration with agencies, among others. Once the website is verified by an HTML tag, nothing stands in the way of creating the first campaign.
Designing ad content on Pinterest correctly
The unique thing about Pinterest ads is polyfunctional targeting, which should definitely be fulfilled in order to successfully compete with organic posts. Ads are created as pins, so advertising here also serves the function of inspiration at the same time, clearly standing out in their commercial communication. Purchase intentions are thus followed and awakened. Adding a call-to-action is another essential element for your Pinterest ads, along with the creative-high quality content.
Focus of visual marketing on Pinterest.
The demands of the content are high as the marketing communication must be purely visual in a short period of time. A thorough examination of the communication to be brought to the customer through the content is thus to be considered and should not be underestimated on Pinterest.
Possible ad formats are:

  • Image Pins
  • Video Pins
  • Story Pins
  • Catalogs

How do I create a meaningful Pinterest campaign?
Possible campaign goals are awareness (brand recognition), traffic (brand preference) and conversions. Targeting is similar to other well-known ad managers. Here you can create retargeting audiences as well as Actlike audiences (equivalent to Facebook Lookalikes), keywords and interest groups.
These targeting options and other specific alignment settings also act as ad groups for testing, among other things. Similar to other ad managers, there is also the option for daily budgeting or runtime budgeting. Expenses are prescribed by CPC, which are comparable to CPC values from Facebook Ads Manager. Thus, the number of clicks on the ad determines the real costs. The budget determines the number of possible impressions.
Everything in view with analytics and reporting functions
In addition, an analytics function is included, which not only reflects the ad performance, but also provides an overview of the created target groups, so that optimizations can be carried out in a very targeted manner. In addition, the creation of reports is another special feature that rounds off the ad manager as a small overall package to develop campaigns effectively and efficiently.
Easy handling of the Pinterest analytics tools
In summary, the setup of the Pinterest ad manager and the organization of campaigns is uncomplicated and those who have already had experience with the Facebook ad manager will also get along well with the placement of Pinterest ads. All the important functions for optimal campaign management, including the creation of reports, are available. The growing market potential on Pinterest is reached with a little know-how and just a few clicks.
If you want to learn more about the possibilities for Pinterest advertising, you will find it in this blog post.

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