Amazon offers these advertising opportunities

Nakoa.Digital – Amazon offers these advertising opportunities

With its Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to use various advertising measures to actively advertise their own products to specific target groups and thus generate higher sales. The ads are very effective and a basic component of a good Amazon marketing strategy.


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In principle, a distinction is made between three different display types that link to special landing pages or product detail pages within Amazon: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.
More visibility with Sponsored Products

You will see these ads directly in the search results on Amazon. They can appear at the beginning, in the middle, at the end or next to the search results. The coveted positions 1 and 2 are mostly sponsored products. The campaigns are billed using the cost-per-click model. This means that you only incur costs when you click on the corresponding ad.
So if users click on such an advertisement, they will be forwarded directly to the detail page of the advertised product. However, the ads will only run if the product is featured as a featured offer at the time the interested person views the ad.
The success of your ads can be easily measured thanks to the many KPIs displayed, such as impressions or clicks.

Increase your brand awareness with Sponsored Brands

You usually see these banners above the search results. They specifically advertise the brand behind the product. The ad will appear in highly visible placements, creating brand awareness among potential customers.
Sponsored Brand Ads include a brand logo, custom headlines, and up to 3 products. They direct to the product detail pages (when a product is clicked), to the Amazon Brand Store (when the interested person clicks the logo or headline), or to custom landing pages where the products are listed.
There is also the option of placing videos, so-called sponsored brand video ads. The product is displayed here next to the product video and when you click, the interested party gets to the product detail page. Video campaigns attract more attention from Amazon customers because they are particularly noticeable and appear popular on the search results page.
The sponsored brand ads are also billed using the cost-per-click model.

Use Sponsored Display for audiences on and off Amazon

You can play out display campaigns via interest-based targeting or specifically for specific products. With interest-based targeting, you can decide which target groups of buyers your display ad should be shown to. If, on the other hand, you want to use them specifically for specific products, you can use product targeting and store selected products and categories. This means that your ad will be shown specifically to buyers who have viewed similar products on Amazon. With sponsored display ads you can reach target groups that are on Amazon, but also outside of Amazon.
Automatically generated ad designs are used that encourage purchases. In addition, they have the usual Amazon appearance, which is positively received by Amazon buyers because they do not immediately stand out as typical advertising. The ads are placed on detail pages, but also on other Amazon pages, and can be used for desktop and mobile devices.
As mentioned, you can also reach audiences outside of Amazon through third-party providers. Amazon uses special brand safety tools to ensure that the display ads are only displayed on reputable websites.
If none of your items are in stock, your campaigns will be paused. Conversely, they are automatically reactivated as soon as the product is available again.

Constant monitoring of your campaigns

Because Amazon is evolving rapidly, the competition is increasing and changes are constantly occurring, it is advisable that you continuously optimize and control your campaigns.
It is important to check whether placing advertisements is economically viable, since the respective margin must also be taken into account. If the advertising is not profitable enough, it makes sense to optimize products for organic discoverability.
You can adjust budgets and bids at any time. You can also exchange and optimize keywords and products. Test and find out what works well.
Thanks to many KPIs, individual dashboards can also be set up and reports created. In this way, you can constantly monitor the performance and, if necessary, quickly intervene in the campaign control. The overview in Amazon Advertising under campaigns reflects the campaign performance and clearly shows which campaigns are running better than others, for example. It also shows where there is still potential for optimization and how you can carry this out in a targeted manner.


Initially, the setup of the Amazon Advertising campaigns can seem a bit complicated and overwhelming at first glance, with all the different targetings. Therefore, first find out which campaign type best suits your products on Amazon. Then start with the campaign types that you are already familiar with and have a good overview of.
You can already make good use of the still very growing market potential on Amazon with a little know-how and a few clicks. You can use various strategies to sell your products on Amazon in the best possible way and achieve the highest possible product turnover.

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