Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly – ​​For more sustainability in e-commerce

Nakoa.Digital – Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly – ​​For more sustainability in e-commerce

The packaging law, the upcoming abolition of plastic bags and the EU-wide ban on single-use plastic – these are all examples of current developments in terms of sustainability. With the Climate Pledge launched in 2019, Amazon has also committed itself to showing more commitment to sustainability in order to be a CO2-neutral company by 2040. Since this goal cannot be achieved on its own, Amazon has now launched its own sustainability seal under the name Climate Plegde Friendly.


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The idea behind Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly

With the Climate Pledge Friendly seal, the online marketplace Amazon awards products that meet certain sustainability standards. For this, at least one sustainability improvement must be proven. The labeling is intended to make it easier for buyers to find sustainable products on Amazon. In addition to customers, Amazon’s sustainability seal should also inspire retailers to take more care of the environment when manufacturing their products. In this way, Amazon wants to achieve the goal of becoming a sustainable company and being CO2 neutral by 2040 – 10 years ahead of the target of the Paris climate agreement.

How can I qualify my products for the seal?

To qualify for Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly, your product must have at least one Amazon-recognized sustainability certification. In order to make the selection as diverse as possible, Amazon cooperates with a large number of established providers. These include government agencies, non-profit organizations or independent laboratories, all of whose certificates focus on the conservation of nature. For example, you can qualify your products for the well-known Blue Angel, Fairtrade or FSC sustainability seals.
Once you have found a suitable certification for your product, you can initiate the process directly with the external organization. Amazon will inform you as soon as your product has qualified for Climate Pledge Friendly.

Compact by Design – Amazon’s own certificate

In addition to third-party certifications, Amazon has also developed its own seal called “Compact By Design”. This specifically distinguishes products that have a significantly more climate-efficient design due to minimal changes to the packaging or product manufacture.
Amazon understands a more efficient design to mean, for example, less superfluous packaging, the use of less water and air or a lower weight through lighter packaging materials. Even if the differences are usually only minimal, these changes in product size and weight have a significant, positive impact on the level of CO2 emissions, especially for larger order quantities.
Amazon decides whether a product qualifies for Compact by Design based on the so-called efficiency per unit. In summary, this means the use of volume and weight of the quantity of product in a package. Thresholds calculated per category provide guidance. If the efficiency of a product exceeds this threshold, it is qualified for Compact by Design and thus also for Climate Plegde Friendly.

What are the benefits of Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly?

Amazon marks all qualifying products with the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly logo on the product detail page. In addition, buyers can learn more about the certification through which the item was able to qualify for the seal. Therefore, and because they are listed in a special section of the Amazon shop, the items are made more visible to interested people. The seal also brings an advantage in Amazon marketing. In addition, the qualification for the Climate Pledge Friendly seal is free of charge.
The demand for environmentally conscious products continues to grow. More and more users are also looking for such products on Amazon and are supported in their search by the seal. It is therefore best to check whether your products are eligible for sustainability certificates or whether they are already visible on Amazon.

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