Afound starts in Germany

On May 7, 2020, the marketplace Afound, which belongs to the H&M Group, will now also be launched in Germany and Austria. The platform is already active in Sweden and the Netherlands.

The online marketplace Afound offers discounts of 25-70% on fashion and lifestyle products for men, women and children. More than 400 brands are on offer, including not only own brands such as H&M and &Other Stories, but also designer labels such as Birkenstock, Tommy Hilfiger and Tiffany&Co.

The focus is on two concepts. On the one hand, customers should be offered bargains at the best possible price, on the other hand, clothing that has already been produced should be given a second chance. The range therefore includes overstocks from past and current collections as well as vintage and second-hand items. Customers are thus given the opportunity to shop in a sustainable way.

Retailers can also use this approach profitably. Before items become slow-moving because they have not found buyers through their own channels, new markets can be specifically opened up via Afound.


How do I sell on Afound?

There are two ways for partners to use Afound for themselves. You have the choice between a direct connection or via a third-party provider. We would be happy to support you in the decision-making process and in finding a strategy, and we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the respective model variants to you.
In the further process, of course, we also take over the implementation and develop your Afound sales strategy together with you.


What advertising options do I have on Afound?

Knowing which products and categories are in high demand is important to running a successful Afound business . Our Afound Intelligence Reports show you, for example, the optimal price per product. We analyze competitors and show you ideal market strategies.
In order for users to find your products on Afound, they must be created according to Afound SEO Best Practices. This includes titles, bullet points and content. We are happy to support you in the creation and optimization.

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