4 tips for engaging Amazon A+ content

Nakoa.Digital – 4 tips for engaging Amazon A+ content

On Amazon, the best-selling online store in Germany, where customers are spoiled for choice and a product usually has multiple suppliers to choose from, your brand needs a competitive edge and the ability to successfully stand out from the crowd. A+ high quality content is an undeniable magic bullet to sell more products online. The extra content is not only an ingredient for Amazon’s Retail Readiness , but also a proven method to drive higher conversion rates, more traffic and ultimately more sales.


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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a free extended product description with 5,000 additional characters for your Amazon product detail page. Different modules can be combined as a kind of modular system to create individual layouts. For example, custom headlines and images, product comparison tables, and specific information, such as for technical devices, can be added. A+ content also offers high cross- and upselling potential for your products. In addition, the content is indexed by Google and thus may appear in Google search results. Therefore, always ensure sufficient keyword coverage.

What requirements do I have to meet for the A+ content?

As an Amazon seller, you are already automatically qualified for A+ content. However, as an Amazon Seller, you can only enjoy the benefits of A+ content if you are already recognized as an Amazon Brand Owner. In addition, A+ content is available to you if you participate in an Amazon-managed sales program such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives.

How do I create good A+ content?/strong>

To convince your customers of your products and increase sales , your Amazon A+ content needs to be as engaging and informative as possible. We have listed a number of tips for you below to help you create a good A+ layout.

  • Emphasize your unique selling points

Amazon A+ content allows you to highlight the individual characteristics of your product particularly well. Using various text and image modules, you can offer your customers more than just a simple list of product features. You have various modules at your disposal to, for example, compare different products, emphasize image details or highlight certain product features. Think in advance which content should definitely be mentioned in the A+ Content and then choose the right module.

  • Mention your brand for a branding effect

It is also advisable to include your brand in the A+ content. That way, your product stands out positively from others and stays in the minds of the buyers. Determine for yourself what is relevant to your brand and what your corporate identity is. Maybe your brand is the only one that ships CO2-neutral worldwide or does it often support social projects? Tell your potential buyers about it and strengthen emotional customer loyalty.

  • Avoid jargon in your texts

For complex products with a greater need for explanation, it is particularly important that the relevant information is presented in simple and easy-to-understand texts. Explanatory charts and a clear layout are also helpful. This gives the whole a well-defined structure and offers customers a certain added value.

  • Think analog

In physical stores, customers can try and feel the goods directly. In online retail, this advantage is of course lost. However, with A+ content you can compensate for this disadvantage with suitable visual material and make your products tasty for your customers even without a “close-up experience”. For example, show the inner workings of your bags with detailed shots or incorporate your sofa into a completely living landscape. That way, your customers get a better idea of ​​your product and are more likely to buy it.


A+ content is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and products in a positive and detailed way, to inspire and bind your customers. Take advantage of this free offer from Amazon and increase your reach and visibility in the online market.
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